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MIR Corporation's Press & Awards

MIR Corporation has offered superb customer service and impeccable tours for over 25 years. Browse our press clippings to read about our industry awards and accolades. Most recently, MIR has been rated one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

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  • National Geographic Traveler Awards MIR Its 2014 "Tour of a Lifetime"
    April, 2014
    Award-winning tour specialist MIR Corporation is honored to announce that its new culinary tour, A Chronicle of Russian Cuisine & Culture, has been selected as one of National Geographic Traveler's 2014 50 Tours of a Lifetime. The tour is featured in the May 2014 issue, as well as listed on a special Tours of a Lifetime web page.

    The delectable 10-day MIR journey, led by a passionate local foodie, lets travelers eat their way through Russia's greatest cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg - while taking care to touch on all the definitive cultural sites. Each year since 2006, National Geographic Traveler has searched through the expanding field of guided trips for "the most authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best-guided, and most sustainable tours" on the market.
    "The tours we selected go beyond destination to add meaning and context," said Norie Quintos, executive editor of National Geographic Traveler magazine. "They open the mind to new possibilities, new connections, new ways of thinking - all critically important given the world's complex issues."
    Other MIR tours picked in past years by National Geographic Traveler as "Tours of a Lifetime" are:

    Click here to see the full list.
  • Calling All Vampire Fans
    April, 2014
    Examiner.com, an on-line source of 21st century information and ideas, counsels tourista to "mosey around Dracula's castle on a tour of Romania and Bulgaria" with MIR.
    "Among the trip's featured stops will be visits to Bran Castle (whose Gothic stone walls, towers and secret passageways came to embody the popular image of a Transylvanian vampire castle) and the citadel of Sighisoara, the birthplace of the bloodthirsty Vlad Dracul 'The Impaler' Tepes (believed to be the model for Dracula)."
    Click here to read the full article.
  • "Offbeat" Winter Getaway from San Jose
    March, 2014
    The travel section of the San Jose La Oferta advises travelers to "save your rubles for a ride across Siberia" on MIR's Trans-Siberian Winter Wonderland trip.
    "Unlike the packed-in-like-sardines cattle car in the movie Doctor Zhivago, this trip is in a posh private train, much like a five-star hotel on wheels."
    Click here to read the full article.
  • Traveling Epicure
    March, 2014
    The beautiful online magazine, Epicure & Culture: Food, Wine & Culture for the Ethical Traveler, was created with a goal of "...helping people explore the world through food, drink, people and culture." This includes MIR's part of the world.

    In a recent article entitled, "Food Travel: Top 14 Culinary Experiences to Savor in 2014," MIR's new culinary tour of Russia, A Chronicle of Russian Cuisine & Culture is listed at #10.

    Interestingly, the photo above the Russian culinary tour article comes from MIR's other new culinary tour, A Taste of Georgia: Wine Cuisine & Culture, traversing the lush little South Caucasus country of Georgia.

    Click here to read the full article.
  • Silk Road in Chicago
    March, 2014
    MIR's 17-day Silk Road journey, Central Asian Overland Adventure, is featured in the online version of the Chicago Tribune. Asserting that the tour is "...aimed at travelers looking to get away from the same old, same old," the article highlights the unfamiliar places and experiences that are included.
    "...Overnighting in a yurt, driving over a 12,000-foot pass, visiting the Kashgar animal market, eating in a traditional Uzbek home and watching Kyrgyz horse games..." are only some of the features of the MIR Silk Road exploration.
    Click here to read the full article.
  • Bishkek to Bukhara Barnstorm
    February, 2014
    The ancient Silk Route and MIR are featured together in a recent edition of Examiner.com, an on-line source of 21st century information and ideas. The author writes:
    "It ran for 4,000 miles through Eurasia, crisscrossing white-hot deserts, towering mountains and flatlands so desolate you could go weeks without seeing another human being, much less a hut, tent or yurt. It was called "the Silk Road," and for 1,600 years it was the main trading route between East and West, linking Constantinople (now Istanbul) to Southern China.

    Among popular tours this year will be MIR Corporation's two 17-day expeditions tracing routes though the heart of the Silk Road..."
    Read more here.
  • Trans-Siberian on Travel News and Wire
    January, 2014
    Travel News and Wire - a leading global multimedia news and information company and an innovator of travel news and information - advises adding a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway to your bucket list.
    "If you're looking for something unique to add to your travel bucket list, take a slow train to Siberia-literally-with a Trans-Siberian Railway tour. Journey through snow capped mountains, red sand deserts, and cosmopolitan cities as you travel to Russia, Mongolia and China."
    Read more here.
  • Cool New Things: Boston Globe Travel features MIR private train tour to Iran
    January, 2014
    In a roundup of cool new things, Boston Globe Correspondent Kari Bodnarchuk includes the first-ever European private train tour to Iran, available through MIR. Called Jewels of Persia, the trip runs from Budapest to Tehran on the deluxe Golden Eagle Danube Express private train.

    See more here.
  • Floridians Seeking Snow in Siberia
    January, 2014
    "6 New Experiences" for Floridians are listed in the latest Fort Lauderdale Daily. Heading the list is MIR's winter tour, Siberian Winter Escapade. Here's what they have to say:
    "MIR Corporation is offering an opportunity to experience Siberia's little-known beautiful and wild side. Its eight-day Siberian Winter Escapade tour includes dog sledding, ice fishing and snowmobiling on UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal. Find your spiritual side during a sunrise shaman ceremony at Olkhon Island's Shaman's Rock..."
    See more here.
  • National Geographic Recommends MIR
    January, 2014
    National Geographic.com, in an article entitled, "Best Winter Trips 2014," endorses MIR Corporation as a tour operator you might want to consult for a winter trip to Siberia's UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal.

    Called the "sacred sea" by locals, Lake Baikal is the world's deepest and oldest (20 million to 25 million years) existing freshwater lake. For intrepid adventurers equipped for a Siberian deep freeze (air temperatures can plunge to minus 40F) Baikal in midwinter is a roughly 12,200-square-mile crystal ice rink.

    See more here.
  • Dancing with the Tsars
    December, 2013
    In her blog, Jetsetera, actress and traveler Kimberly Fisher invites her readers to "...do their best Anna Karenina," and spend New Year's Eve "Dancing with the Tsars in St. Petersburg, Russia."

    Quoting MIR founder Doug Grimes, she writes, "Nobody loves New Year's Eve like the Russians do - it's the most festive holiday of the year..."

    The New Year has come and gone already, and it's 2014 until next December 31st, when you again have the opportunity to go "Dancing with the Tsars."

    Read more here.
  • Baikal Ballyhoo
    November, 2013
    A feature in the Examiner.com about appealing lakes centers on Siberia's UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal, where a traveler can play in the snow, on the ice and around the islands on a winter adventure. The article tells about "eight days' worth of adventures and visits to must-see sites around the lake in a MIR tour package called Siberian Winter Escapade."

    The tour begins in the old trading city of Irkutsk, once known as "The Paris of Siberia."
    "Irkutsk is a fun city with beautiful rebuilt churches and areas of grand 19th century architecture," says MIR founder Douglas Grimes. Traders, he notes, once carried Siberian furs and ivory from Irkutsk to Mongolia, Tibet and China to exchange for silk and tea.
    Read more here.
  • "Taboo Travel" in USA Today
    October, 2013
    MIR Vice-President Annie Lucas was recently interviewed in USA Today about what they dub "Taboo Travel." Featured were MIR's new itineraries to Iran and North Korea, destinations that ordinary travelers may be wary of. USA Today called MIR "...a tour operator that began its out-of-the-ordinary focus more than 25 years ago with tours to the just-opening-up Soviet Union." Read the full article here.
  • Railway Adventure
    October, 2013
    The "Adventure Team" from the Get Out and Travel website is helping spread the word about a private train to Iran, allowed into the country for the first time in 2014. Here's what they have to say.
  • Second Most Traveled Man Returns
    October, 2013
    MIR client Bill Altaffer is one of the world's most-traveled people. Recently he returned from a journey encompassing the "Hero Cities" of Ukraine and Belarus, arranged and supported by MIR. (12 Soviet cities were awarded the title of Hero City for outstanding heroism, withstanding a siege or holding out against overwhelming odds.) Read more here in this article from the Del Mar Times.
  • Doug's Favorite Places
    October, 2013
    About.com loved the places MIR president and founder Douglas Grimes picked out as his "8 Great Off-the-Beaten-Path Places," from ancient Bukhara, Uzbekistan to Tbilisi, Georgia. Read the details of those favorite eight places here.
  • Riding the (Luxury) Rails
    October, 2013
    The Examiner.com featured MIRs Caspian Odyssey by Private Train luxury rail tour, cleverly titled "If It's Tuesday This Must Be Uzbekistan." Yes, this luxurious journey aboard the Golden Eagle private train does explore a country or two - make that six! - including Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. Read the full article here.
  • Travel Passions
    October, 2013
    The Huffington Post interviewed Douglas Grimes, MIR's president and founder, on how people pursue their passions through travel. In an article, "Pursing Passions in New Places," Grimes highlighted a truly "mind-expanding vacation:" MIR's popular Inside the Russian Space Program tour, where travelers spend a week in Moscow, Russia and Kazakhstan "living like cosmonauts, with up-close VIP viewings of once highly classified training centers." The tour's highlight is watching the launch of a manned Soyuz rocket.

    As one participant wrote, "There are no words to describe the most exciting trip I have ever been privileged to be part of." Read the full article here
  • Wish List: Christmas Traditions of Poland
    October, 2013
    The United Kingdom's Essential Travel web site published a Christmas feature on how travelers can celebrate this festive holiday. They described MIR's popular tour, Christmas Traditions of Poland, as "a loaded itinerary" that offers "a blend of site-seeing, shopping and cultural appreciation." This MIR tour is filled with hands-on experiences like visiting artisans in their workshops who craft Christmas decorations by hand, and touring a factory where Poland's famous hand-blown glass ornaments are made. An intimate highlight is "Wigilia," the Polish Christmas Eve vigil of reconciliation and feasting as midnight draws near.

    Read here on more itinerary highlights EssentialTravel.com loved about MIR's Christmas tour in Poland.
  • "Glorious Russia" with MIR
    September, 2013
    Dalma Heyn, a regular contributor to Everett Potter's Travel Report, a hip weekly news blog for smart value travelers, has written a glowing description of touring in Moscow and St. Petersburg complete with fantastic photos. She talks about how she used the Independent Travel specialists at MIR to help her find her way around.
    "In both cities, you need, not want, someone who helps you beat the crowds so you can see works of art before (or after) the tour buses land; someone who can whisk you to the rooms in the Hermitage you most want to see... I cannot emphasize this enough. Lots can go wrong, and will, without savvy guides."
    Check out some of the things she learned and loved in Moscow and St. Petersburg here.

  • Financial Times Touts First Private Tourist Train to Iran
    September, 2013
    In the Financial Times Travel section, MIR's "Jewels of Persia" private train tour to Iran is mentioned right up there next to Sir Walter Scott's private mansion in the column Short cuts: Travel news and inspiration. The inspiring rail journey by private train visits Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey before entering Iran, the first private European train to do so. See more here.

  • Baby Boomers: Ridin' that Train
    September, 2013
    A monthly travel magazine for Baby Boomers, WatchBoom.com featured an article about MIR's private rail journey, "Trans-Siberian Winter Wonderland."
    "The Russian tour experts at the MIR Corporation want you to know about a posh private train set to zip over the tracks between Moscow and Vladivostok. Much like a five-star hotel on wheels, the train combines modern amenities with the opulence of an old-time Russian palace, including spacious cabins with private bathrooms, Russian and European cuisine in the dining car and a comfy lounge car."
    Read more here.

  • Travels with Amy: Dreaming of Riding a Private Train into Iran
    August, 2013
    The writer of the popular St. Louis Dispatch blog, Travels with Amy, dreams about travel to exotic places. This week she's dreaming about MIR's new 2014 offering, Jewels of Persia - a journey on the first private train allowed into Iran. On what Amy calls a "once-in-a-lifetime trip," the luxury Golden Eagle Danube Express private train travels through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Iran on a five-country, 15-day journey. Travelers stop in locations significant for their history or natural wonder; many are UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Iran's vast treasures, such as Isfahan's Imam Square, the ruins of Persepolis and Tehran's beautiful Gulestan Palace. Read the article here.

  • "Count Dracula meets Xerxes the Great on a luxury train to Iran"
    August, 2013
    "Count Dracula meets Xerxes the Great on a luxury train to Iran," reads the headline of the International Travel section in Examiner.com, referring to MIR Corporation's new offering, Jewels of Persia. This tour by luxury private train hits the highlights from Hungary, through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and finally, Iran - the first private train allowed to enter the country. MIR Vice-President Annie Lucas is quoted as saying, "For the first time ever, a European private train tour will be allowed into Iran. Intrepid travelers will be a part of history on this truly unique journey." Read the full article here.

  • "For the First Time Ever..."
    August, 2013
    SFGate, the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle, has featured MIR's new for 2014 private rail journey, Jewels of Persia, saying, "For the first time ever a private European train will be allowed into Iran, traveling to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey along the way."

    With stops at UNESCO Sites in each country on the five-country, 15-day tour, the luxury Golden Eagle Danube Express private train promises a journey to remember. Highlights include Sighisoara, Romania (rumored birthplace of Dracula); Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria's ancient capital); Turkey's historic Istanbul area; the Fairy Chimneys of Goreme Valley in Turkey; and Iran's vast treasures of Isfahan's Imam Square, the ruins of Persepolis and beautiful Gulestan Palace. Read more here.

  • Winter-Russia-Luxury
    August, 2013
    These three words don't often go together. But in the August 2013 issues of the online Luxury Travel Advisor, two of MIR's winter tours are revealed as deluxe offerings. Read the article here.

  • "Cool" St. Petersburg on MIR Winter Tour
    August, 2013
    The August travel section of website examiner.com features MIR's Russian Winter Wonder Land tour. The winter tour celebrates New Year's in snowy St. Petersburg, and includes an old-fashioned sleigh ride, a party in a private home, and all the classic sites of St. Petersburg and Moscow, with some Golden Ring towns tossed on for good measure. Read the article here.

  • "Hottest Trends in Boomer Travel" according to Forbes.com
    August 2013
    Forbes.com quotes MIR President Douglas Grimes in its article "Hottest Trends in Boomer Travel," saying that MIR clients search for growth and education in their travel choices. Read the full article here.

  • "There's nothing like the Trans-Siberian in winter." - MIR President Douglas Grimes
    August, 2013
    High-end train buffs - this article's for you. A rail journey across seven wintry time zones on a luxury train? Bring it on! Read the article at Examiner.com.

  • MIR Client "Treated Like a Rock Star" in Iran
    July, 2013
    Ann Erdmann (who just happens to be the second-ranked competitive crossword puzzle solver in the U.S.) writes about her MIR tour to Iran, Ancient Persia, Modern Iran in this article in her regional newspaper, The News-Gazette. She tells abut how, "...as an American in Iran, I was treated like a rock star...again and again I was welcomed with heartfelt warmth." Read about the rest of her trip here.

  • Put on your Jungle Pants and Travel to Iran with MIR
    July, 2013
    Anne Sigmon, who blogs at Jungle Pants, Travel Tales & Tips from the Potholed Road, plans to explore Iran on MIR's Ancient Persia, Modern Iran small group tour. She talks about her initial worry about and subsequent enthusiasm for travel to the country here.

  • Volcanoes and Reindeer with MIR on Examiner.com
    July, 2013
    MIR's tour, Kamchatka: Reindeer Herders & the Ring of Fire, is billed as "something a little different" in the July 5 International Travel section of Examiner.com. Read the full article here.

  • Out of this World Father's Day Gifts
    June, 2013
    Not sure what to get Dad for Father's Day? The Street has put together a Top 9 list of Once-in-a-Lifetime Gifts - featuring our Inside the Russian Space Program tour! Entitled 9 Fathers Day Gifts When Even the Sky Isn't the Limit, the article places MIR's space trip in the #5 slot, after Africa by Private Jet and before "Dream Racing" in a Ferrari. Read the full article here.

  • Chicago Tribune Tips for Savvy Space Travelers
    June, 2013
    The Chicago Tribune mentioned MIR's "Inside the Russian Space Program" in its column Trips, Tips and Deals. The Trib recommended the small group tour as a more reasonably priced alternative to a Richard Branson space flight. Read the full article here.

  • MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program featured in SF Gate
    June, 2013
    Summer camps for grownups? SF Gate online magazine mentions MIR's small group tour "Inside the Russian Space Program" alongside a Rock-n-Roll Camp for grownups. The MIR tour features optional cosmonaut training at Star City in Moscow. Read the full article here.

  • Albany's Travel Gal mentions MIR
    June, 2013
    The "Travel Gal" from the Albany Times Union had a nice write-up of MIR's "Inside the Russian Space Program" small group tour under the heading Once-in-a-Lifetime Travel. Read full article here.

  • GoNomad's Top Pics for Touring in Europe
    June, 2013
    Influential travel website GoNomad recently included MIR in its Top Picks for Touring in Europe list. Citing MIR as the company to talk to for independent journeys to Russia, the Baltics, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, it also mentions MIR's Off the Beaten Path small group trips to the same destinations. Read full article here.

  • Forbes.com Stars MIR's Space Program Tour
    June, 2013
    MIR Corporation's Inside the Russian Space Programis the focus of a Forbes.com article on "one-of-a-kind experiences."

    Forbes reports on how our Inside the Russian Space Program leads space enthusiasts down memory lane to the Cold War days of the U.S.-Soviet space race. Participants can train at a Russian cosmonaut facility - even going weightless on a zero gravity flight, then observe the launch of a manned Soyuz spacecraft at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

    MIR's Russian space tour was launched to enthusiastic reviews, receiving National Geographic's "Tours of a Lifetime" Award in 2012.

    For more information about the tour dates and price options, contact Douglas Grimes at 1-800-424-7289 or douglas@mircorp.com.

  • San Francisco Chronicle features MIR's Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia tour
    May, 2013
    SF Gate, the Chronicle's online news magazine, is featuring two of MIR Corporation's unusual small group tours, Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia and Siberian Odyssey: Legends of Lake Baikal & Tuva. Read full article here.

  • MIR President quoted in TravelPulse
    May, 2013
    As an expert on Russian train travel, MIR President Douglas Grimes was quoted in an article on the expansion of high-speed rail in Russia. TravelPulse.com, featuring the latest in travel industry news, spoke with Douglas about the Russian train network in an article in its May issue. Read more here.

  • MIR Vice President featured in Recommend.com Article
    May, 2013
    This great article about travel in Uzbekistan begins with quotes from MIR Vice President Annie Lucas, mentioning the popularity of MIR's Journey Through Central Asia: The Five 'Stans and Essential Iran. Found on the website Recommend.com, the article is informative and comprehensive and gives the reader a sense of the allure of Uzbekistan at the center of the Silk Road. Read full article here.

  • The Eco-Adventurer is "a little wild about" MIR's Trans-Siberian Rail Journeys
    March, 2013
    In a lead article recently, the Eco-Adventurer steered readers towards great deals on MIR's luxury rail journeys aboard the Trans-Siberian Express Golden Eagle private train. Read full article here.

  • Take the Trans-Siberian off your Bucket List with MIR, says the Montreal Gazette
    March, 2013
    Mentioning MIR's 2013 pricing for 2014 early birds on select Trans-Siberian rail journeys, the Montreal Gazette suggests that it's a perfect time to cross this magnificent rail journey off your Bucket List. Read full article here.

  • The Boston Globe Sunday Travel section features China's Silk Road & Tibet: Route of Monks & Merchants
    March, 2013
    Alerting travelers to the fact that permits to Tibet are again available, the Boston Globe recommends MIR's 18-day journey exploring Tibet and Western China, China's Silk Road & Tibet: Route of Monks & Merchants. Read full article here.

  • MIR Corporation Trans-Siberian Discounts Featured in Prestigious Media Outlets
    March, 2013
    News of MIR's 2014 Trans-Siberian Private Train discounts rolled into media outlets such as The Independent Traveler, the San Francisco Chronicle, the LA Daily News, the Miami Herald and Luxury Travel Magazine.

  • Trans-Siberian by Private Train featured in ITN
    March, 2013
    A feature article by MIR traveler Jack Ogg in the March International Travel News describes his journey on the luxury Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express from Vladivostok to Moscow. Read more here.

  • Iran in ITN
    March, 2013
    MIR traveler Marvin Primack had some observations on misconceptions about Iran after he and his wife traveled there on MIR's Ancient Persia - Modern Iran. Writing in the March 2013 issue of International Travel News, Mr. Primack mentioned that the Iranian people they met on the tour were very welcoming to Americans and many of them spoke English. Read more here.

  • The Adventure Post Asks the Expert - MIR Founder, Douglas Grimes
    February, 2013
    The Adventure Post, launched in 2011, has featured MIR founder and president, Douglas Grimes in a column called "Ask the Expert". Doug gives his insider tips on travel to the biggest country in the world, Russia. (See more).

  • Tajikistan and MIR in Wanderlust
    January, 2013
    After travel writer Caroline Eden returned from exploring Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with MIR, she wrote, "Driving through the magical Wakhan Corridor, sleeping in a yurt on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, impromptu Tajik dancing and stops at villages so remote that no map marks them - all unforgettable experiences. Yet, what really set this journey apart for me was the seamless organization and enthusiasm shown from start to finish, by MIR's Central Asian team." Read the full article here.

  • Taboo Travel with MIR
    January, 2013
    MIR's tours to Iran are mentioned in a roundup of "forbidden" destinations in the Columbus Dispatch Travel Section. Although travel to Iran is safe and legal, disputes between its government and the U.S. government may discourage travelers from putting it on their itineraries. A big mistake, because Iran is the home of one of the world's oldest and richest cultures, with archeological, architectural and artistic treasures in every city and town, and warm, welcoming people curious about the U.S. (See more).

  • MIR's "Ultimate Trip" from Bishkek to Bukhara
    January, 2013
    Luxury Travel Magazine has featured MIR's new tour, Central Asia Epic Overland Adventure in its "Ultimate Trips" column. The column highlights fascinating, adventurous and luxurious trips for a discerning audience. (See more).

  • New York Times Names Nine MIR Destinations Best Places To Go in 2013
    January, 2013
    The "46 Places to Go in 2013", according to the New York Times Travel section, include nine of MIR's destinations. (We knew they were great places to go all along.) An article detailing this and other mentions of hot MIR destinations appears in publications from the San Francisco Chronicle and Miami Herald to CBS Money Watch.

  • The Travel Channel's Lost Girls call it "Life-Changing"
    January, 2013
    The Travel Channel's popular feature, The Lost Girls, revealed their seven life-changing trip picks for 2013 - and MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program made the cut! For anyone who has ever dreamed of space travel, here's how to get as close as you can (unless you're a billionaire). (See more).

  • Two MIR trips included in AirRussia.US round-up
    January, 2013
    MIR's Kamchatka: Reindeer Herders & the Ring of Fire and Trans-Siberian Classic Route, between Moscow and Vladivostok by private train, have been listed by AirRussia.US, a travel portal specializing in travel between the U.S. and the Russian Far East. As one of the only U.S. tour companies traveling to the Russian Far East, MIR is an obvious choice for inclusion in the round-up. (See Kamchatka) (See Trans-Siberian)

  • Action Asia and an Epic Overland Adventure
    January, 2013
    MIR's new action packed tour Central Asian Epic Overland Adventure is featured in Action Asia, an adventure magazine found in inflight libraries at major air carriers and in bookstores across South Asia. Action Asia seems like an appropriate place to fina a tour that ranges from the Kyrgyz highlands to the Silk Road oases of Uzbekistan and Western China. (See more).

  • Who Says You Have to be Home for Christmas?
    November, 2012
    That's the question asked by family travel writer Lynn O'Rourke Hayes of the Dallas News. In her round-up of family celebrations away from home, she suggests immersing your family in the Christmas festivities of Poland on MIR's Christmas Traditions of Poland small group journey (read more).

  • From San Francisco to Poland
    November, 2012
    MIR holiday trip, Christmas Traditions of Poland, was featured in SFGate, the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle daily newspaper. Mentioned in a roundup of new and unusual travel opportunities, the small group journey revolves around the heart-felt Polish Christmas traditions passed down from generation to generation (read more).

  • Nomad's Land
    October, 2012
    SFGate, the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle, notes the new-for-2013 MIR small group journey, Mongolia & Kyrgyzstan: Lands of the Last Nomads. Travelers can get a feel for a way of life that is rapidly disappearing in these two countries, some of the last horse-based cultures in the world (read more).

  • Travels with Amy: Dreaming of Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan
    September, 2012
    The popular St. Louis Dispatch blog, Travels with Amy, featured the new MIR small group journey, Mongolia & Kyrgyzstan: Lands of the Last Nomads. The itinerary, printed in full, offers participants the chance to travel from the vast Mongolian steppe to the Kyrgyz jailoo, the summer pastures of nomadic families and their herds (read more).

  • Bravo from Boston
    July, 2012
    In the Boston Sunday Globe's hip roundup News, Apps, Deals and Gear, MIR got a mention for the VIP access tour, Inside the Russian Space Program. Starting in Moscow's Star City, travelers fly to Kazakhstan to witness the takeoff of a manned Soyuz rocket on its way to the International Space Station (read more).

  • MIR Traveler recounts his Trans-Siberian Railway journey in International Travel News
    July, 2012
    Want to know what it's like to take an independent MIR trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway? MIR traveler Jonathan Hayes fills you in on the details in an article on riding the Tran-Siberian train from Vladivostok all the way to Germany, published in the July 2012 issue of International Travel News.

    His independent trip across seven of Russia's eight time zones (and on into Germany) was a fascinating ride.

  • MIR Winter Journey, Christmas Traditions of Poland, Featured in International Travel News
    July, 2012
    Christmas Traditions of Poland, a new-for-2012 MIR tour, is featured in International Travel News' regular roundup of interesting tours and cruises offered in fall and winter. The festive holiday tour includes a class in making pierogi, Poland's national dish, with your own private chef; browsing the Christmas markets of Warsaw and Krakow; and spending the Christmas Eve vigil, Wiligia, with a local family.

  • Forbes.com Features MIR's Once Forbidden Lands of Central Asia & Iran Small Group Tour
    June, 2012
    A Forbes.com article purporting to be travel advice for new Facebook millionaires suggests that to qualify for consideration, a millionaire's tour should be, if not pricey, then "exclusive and uncommon." One of MIR's small group escorted tours, Once Forbidden Lands of Central Asia & Iran, is highlighted as a trip that fulfills this criteria. An exploration of the dazzling bazaars and extravagant architecture of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran, this itinerary takes adventurous travelers to places they may never have heard of before (read more).

  • USA Today.com Features MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program
    June, 2012
    The travel section of USA Today.com features "a less pricey alternative" to a seat on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactica suborbital flight - MIR Corporation's small group tour, Inside the Russian Space Program. Beginning with optional cosmonaut training at Moscow's "Star City," the journey culminates in the VIP seating section of a live launch of a Soyuz rocket on its way to the International Space Station (ISS) from a launch pad on the Kazakh steppe. Back in Moscow, travelers are present at Mission Control Center for the live satellite feed of the Soyuz docking at the ISS (read more).

  • Baby Boomers Advised to Get Inside the Russian Space Program
    May, 2012
    PBS's new website for Baby Boomers, Next Avenue, advises boomers (who are renowned for pursuing their passions) to join MIR and travel Inside the Russian Space Program. If you wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid, at long last you can get close to fulfilling your dream (read more).

  • National Geographic Traveler Selects MIR Corporation's Inside the Russian Space Program as 2012 Tour of a Lifetime
    April, 2012
    Award-winning Russia tour specialist, MIR Corporation, is thrilled to announce that its Inside the Russian Space Program tour has been selected as one of National Geographic Traveler magazine's 2012 50 Tours of a Lifetime, and will be featured in the May 2012 issue as well as listed on a special Tours of a Lifetime landing page. The 10-day tour, offered only once in 2012, allows travelers to witness both the manned launch of the Soyuz spacecraft on its way to relieve the crew of the International Space Station and the live docking of the Soyuz at Mission Control Center in Moscow. The trip runs $13,995 per person and is scheduled October 9-18, 2012. For more information, visit http://www.mircorp.com/tour_russianspace2012.asp, or call 800-424-7289.

    Led by Dr. Steven Lee of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and MIR founder Douglas Grimes, this tour provides exclusive access and insight into Russia's Space Program. Space enthusiasts will not only witness the manned Soyuz launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and tour a mock-up of the International Space Station (ISS) at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, but for an extra fee, travelers can attend actual cosmonaut training, which can include a ride on the world's largest centrifuge, a zero gravity flight, or a chance to climb into a Russian Orlan space suit.

    "We are elated to receive this honor from National Geographic Traveler," said Grimes. "Having been born in 1960, I grew up during the "Space Race" and dreamed of being an astronaut. It has certainly been an honor for me to create a trip that offers such an intimate glimpse into Russia's rich and historical space program."

    Other MIR tours picked in past years by National Geographic Traveler as "Tours of a Lifetime" are:

  • Fodor's Travel Intelligence blog touts MIR's family heritage expertise
    March, 2012
    In an article entitled Heritage Travel: Searching for your Ancestors on Vacation, Fodor's gives a tip of the hat to MIR for its expertise in planning custom trips for travelers searching for their roots in Central and Eastern Europe. Citing MIR's Central and Eastern Europe specialist, Joanna Millick, the article records some of the reasons that MIR is an expert in this part of the world. One is our vast network of contacts and local guides who help guests "...feel a sense of place, and gain a better understanding of what life may have been like for their ancestors..."

    You can read the full article on the Fodors.com website. If you would like to chat with Joanna Millick about a tour built around your family heritage, you can contact her at joanna@mircorp.com

  • Inside the Russian Space Program Featured in FasterTimes.com
    March, 2012
    MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program was featured in an article entitled "Ashton Kucher in Space?" from Faster Times.com in March 2012. Kucher, apparently, has paid his $200,000 for a seat on one Virgin Galactic's future space flights. Inside the Russian Space Program is presented as a much more reasonably-priced near-space experience, especially if the optional cosmonaut training is included.

    Cosmonaut training can consist of a zero-gravity flight, a ride on a 4-G centrifuge or a chance to don a heavy Orlan space suit and simulate a space walk (read more).

  • Huffington Post's Gadling blog takes on MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program
    March, 2012
    The hip Gadling blog on the Huffington Post website featured an article (March 7, 2012) about MIR's exclusive and adventurous tour, Inside the Russian Space Program. Describing the trip as a "near-space experience," blogger Melanie Renzulli mentioned the world-class Study Leader, Dr. Steven Lee of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the fact that participants will be flown to Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome to witness a real-time Soyuz launch to the International Space Station.

  • MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program featured in the Financial Times
    February, 2012
    MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program small group tour is the next best thing to a $25m leisure trip to the International Space Station, according to the February 24 Travel Section of the Financial Times. The journey includes a Soyuz launch at Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome and a live feed of the ISS docking at Moscow Mission Control (read the article).

    A week later, the tour was featured on the Canada.com blog.

  • MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program featured in Business Destinations
    October, 2011
    In the Nov/Dec edition of Business Destinations, an international publication with a readership of international business travelers, Inside the Russian Space Program is described as a "one-of-a-kind travel experience pioneered and designed by MIR founder, Douglas Grimes."

    New for 2012, MIR's exploration of the formerly secret Russian Space Program ranges from Star City outside Moscow, where Russia's cosmonauts train, to the Baikonur Cosmodrome on the Kazakh steppe, where travelers get to watch the launch of a Soyuz spacecraft on its way to the International Space Station.

    You can flip through the magazine (we're on pgs 72-76 of the Nov/Dec, 2011 issue), or read the web version on the Business Destinations website.

  • MIR's tours to the Savitsky Museum in Nukus featured on BBC.com
    October, 2011
    An article about Nukus, the city's critically acclaimed Karakalpak Museum of Art and the "Desert of Forbidden Art" film was posted on the BBC.com travel blog. It explains the documentary's premise in addition to including mention of ways one can visit Nukus and the museum with MIR. In particular, two of MIR's regular catalog tours now include visits to Nukus with curator-led tours to the Savitsky Museum: Read the full article on the BBC website.

  • MIR wins design award from Travel Weekly for 25th Anniversary catalog
    October, 2011
    Our 2011 catalog was awarded the prestigious Gold Magellan Award, the premier travel award for the industry, by Travel Weekly magazine.

    Informing MIR of the award, Travel Weekly wrote that they had "...received entries from top travel organizations and professionals worldwide and the quality of the work was outstanding. Being selected a Magellan Award Winner is a tremendous achievement and proves you represent a high standard of excellence within the travel industry."

    The award arrived just as we were sending our 2012 catalog out the door to be printed, and it validated our feelings of pride in our 25th anniversary catalog. We, of course, envision that our photo-filled 2012 offering is as well-received as last year's.

  • World Race 2011 - the New York to Paris road rally supported by MIR Corporation - is featured in RM Magazine
    August, 2011
    An article in the prestigious Canadian automotive culture magazine, RM, illustrates the U.S. leg of the MIR-supported road rally from New York to Paris (download the article here).

    MIR Corporation handled the logistics from Tianjin, China all the way to Paris, where in July the surviving cars rolled to a halt in the shadow of Eiffel Tower, precisely where the original 1908 Great Race ended.

    The grueling 1908 New York to Paris Race proved to an unbelieving public that cars were indeed the wave of the future. In 2011, 12 adventuresome drivers started out in NYC to recreate the incredible journey. MIR founder and president Douglas Grimes joined in for parts of the journey.

    Read about their adventures across China, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and on into Paris at the official World Race 2011 Blog.

  • MIR's Treasures of the Trans-Caucasus featured in International Travel News Magazine
    July, 2011
    MIR's small group tour Treasures of the Trans-Caucasus got a great review in International Travel News this July. Kathryn Whitmer of Bellingham Washington remarks on the special features that MIR included in the tour of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, calling the journey "a gem of a tour." (download the article)

    "In addition to showing us Tbilisi, the cave town of Uplistsikhe, the Gudauri ski resort and Gori (Stalin's hometown), MIR arranged a private concert at the home-turned-museum of Georgian artist Elene Akhvlediani (1898-1975)."

    MIR's "knowledgeable local guides" and "absolutely outstanding" Tour Manager were given shout-outs as well.

  • New MIR Trip Honored as "Tour of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Traveler
    April, 2011
    Once again, National Geographic Traveler has honored a MIR tour: our new Eastern Turkey & Georgia: Legacy of Empire is featured as a "Tour of a Lifetime" in their May/June2011 issue.

    The editorial team was looking for 2011's "most authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best-guided, and most sustainable tours." The unique Eastern Turkey & Georgia: Legacy of Empire itinerary fills the bill.
    "The outfitters we selected continue to find new ways travelers can connect with places and people," notes National Geographic Traveler Senior Editor Norie Quintos, who headed up the project. "More and more, it's about human interaction."
    On this tour, travelers visit the workshop of a local potter as well as enjoying lunch in a private village home, and observing a felt-making demonstration.

    The rugged sunburnt Anatolian Plateau of Eastern Turkey and the steep-sided green valleys of Georgia are brilliantly paired on this unusual back-road exploration. The trip begins among the folded hills of out-of-the-way Anatolia, rich with the traces of early civilizations, and continues along the balmy Black Sea Coast to the unfamiliar little country of Georgia, where guests are welcomed at tables laden with some of the finest food and wine on earth, and hosted by an official Georgian toastmaster.

    Other MIR tours picked in past years by National Geographic Traveler as "Tours of a Lifetime" are:

  • Space: The Final Frontier with MIR Featured in the Toronto Globe and Mail
    March, 2011
    The March 14 Toronto Globe and Mail suggests MIR's 11-day Russian Space tour as an alternative to a $200,000 dollar Virgin Galactic space flight. And as the Virgin Galactic flight experience takes approximately 2-3 hours, the 11-day MIR trip (from $13,995) is the obvious choice for discerning space cadets.

    MIR's tour includes Moscow's formerly secret Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, a.k.a Star City, where you can undergo some of the same training that astronauts go through before their space flights. This can include a zero-g space flight, centrifuge training and a hands-on lesson in donning an Orlan spacesuit.

    Then the group flies to Kazakhstan for front-row seats at a launch of the Soyuz spacecraft on its way to rendezvous with the International Space Station. How's that for up close and personal? For more information about our tour dates and price options, contact Douglas Grimes at 1-800-424-7289 or via email at douglas (at) mircorp (dot) com.

  • MIR Corporation's Custom & Private Expertise Featured in the Palm Beach Daily News
    February, 2011
    MIR recently had the pleasure of handcrafting a custom, private itinerary for Anne Kazel-Wilcox, who chronicled her travel to Warsaw, Poland in a Palm Beach Daily News article. In the piece she extols the atmosphere of this flourishing city: "Poland's capital is filled with charming streets in a rebuilt Old Town, a thriving arts and music scene (this being the home of Chopin), and fascinating attractions of unique historical significance."

    We are honored that she relied on MIR to "show me a side of Warsaw I might not otherwise see," and glad she returned home with a new insight into one of our favorite Polish destinations. For those interested in visiting Eastern Europe, we have a variety of ways to experience the region. You can explore Eastern Europe's history on our classic independent journey, Essential Poland. Or, if you prefer a customized journey, perhaps designed with a family heritage focus, contact our destination experts at privatejourneys (at) mircorp (dot) com.

  • MIR Corporation's Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia named in Outpost Magazine's 2011 Global Travel Guide
    January/February, 2011
    MIR's adventurous small group tour, Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia, was featured in Outpost magazine's 2011 Global Travel Guide issue in January. Billed as "the most unforgettable, unimaginable travel destinations from around the globe," the chosen journeys span the globe and challenge the imagination.

    Our Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia tour travels the Silk Road from Western China through the five 'stans (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan). Highlights include the legendary Sunday market in Kashgar, a camel ride along the outskirts of the Taklamakan Desert, the UNESCO-listed oases cities of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan's ancient Parthian site of Nisa.

  • MIR Corporation's Silk Road by Private Train featured on Gourmet Train Trips list
    January, 2011
    MIR's Silk Road by Private Train rail journey was recently featured alongside eight other noteworthy train trips and praised for its luxury dining fare as well as its extraordinary routing on foodie website TheDailyMeal.com.

    The article detailed, "...once aboard the luxurious trains, where meals featuring regional specialties are expertly prepared, and your own private butler sees that your bed is turned down nightly, each day will blur together, into one unforgettable experience."

    MIR's Silk Road by Private Train rail journey has one departure in 2011: September 20-October 10. For more information, please contact Charity or Joanna.

  • MIR Corporation's Russian Space tour featured in Departures Magazine
    May/June, 2010
    MIR's over-the-top travel experience, Inside the Russian Space Program 2010, merited a write-up in the May/June luxury lifestyle magazine, Departures as part of an article, "Going to Extremes: Six Specialty Trips." The feature spotlights "new and notable trips run in conjuction with cultural and academic institutions... open doors and borders that would otherwise remain firmly shut."

    MIR's Inside the Russian Space Program 2010 has two remaining departures for 2010 in September and December. For more information about our tour dates and price options, contact Douglas Grimes at 1-800-424-7289 or via email at douglas (at) mircorp (dot) com.

  • MIR Corporation Featured in Luxury Magazine, Caviar Affair
    Winter, 2010
    When Caviar Affair - a glossy quarterly magazine self-described as "celebrating worldly indulgences and luxury living" - began looking for a company to custom-design a lavish tour to Russia and Ukraine, they searched until they found MIR Corporation. The magazine's criteria: "We search out the impeccably designed, the obsessively well-fashioned, and the startlingly beautiful." MIR's specially crafted luxury tour fit the bill, as featured in the Winter 2010 issue of Caviar Affair.

    Among other opulent adventures, MIR arranged an exclusive tour of the Kremlin's Diamond Fund, where the travelers inspected the brilliant 189-carat Orlov Diamond; a private boat tour of St. Petersburg's canals, complete with onboard vodka and caviar; and a distinctive outing by horse-drawn carriage around Pavlovsk Park - the gardens surrounding Czar Paul's summer palace, presented to him by his mother, Catherine the Great.

    The authors say, "Today, now that we're back in the U.S., we credit our incredible experience to the people who led us. Perhaps MIR stands for 'make it remarkable.'"

    Download the Caviar Affair article (880 KB).

  • Two MIR Corporation Tours Named in Outpost Magazine's "Global Travel Guide"
    January, 2009
    Two of MIR's tours have received special mention in Outpost Magazine's 2009 annual Global Travel Guide. MIR's Siberia, Mongolia & Tuva: Ancient Songs & Stories and From Mongola to Moscow: A Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure are both named as one of the "Top 123 - Our Picks For Some Plum Trips, Treks And Voluntours."

    Siberia, Mongolia & Tuva: Ancient Songs & Stories
    During the 16-day journey, travelers explore the remote Russian region of Tuva, where throat-singers and shamans demonstrate their skills; take a boat ride on UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal in Siberia, spending a night in a lakeside lodge; and travel the back roads between the lake and Mongolia, where they conclude their journey on the rolling steppe. Read the Outpost article.

    From Mongola to Moscow: A Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure
    Starting off in UlaanBaatar, travelers ride on regularly scheduled Trans-Siberian trains over a dramatic and variegated route that offers limitless opportunities to meet the diverse local people - Mongol, Buryat and Russian. Highlights of the 15-day tour include experiencing the rolling green hills and nomadic traditions of Mongolia, Siberia's UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal and endless taiga forest en route to the booming capital, Moscow. Read the Outpost article.

  • MIR Corporation Named among Best Adventure Travel Companies by National Geographic Adventure
    Winter, 2009
    MIR Corporation has once again been rated as one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure.

    In a recent authoritative study of adventure travel outfitters published on its website, http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com, National Geographic Adventure scored companies on criteria such as Quality of Service, Sustainability, Spirit of Adventure, Education and Client Satisfaction. MIR is proud to have earned a place among the top-rated travel companies of 2009.

    In 2007-2008, MIR Corporation was included in National Geographic Adventure's first-ever list of 155 top adventure travel outfitters, acknowledging its 20 plus years of inventive itineraries to uncommon destinations at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. MIR features a broad array of scheduled small group active and cultural tours, sophisticated private rail journeys, and custom-crafted private adventures.

  • Two MIR Corporation Tours featured in new adventure travel book, Riding the Hula Hula to the Arctic Ocean
    May, 2008
    Riding the Hula Hula to the Arctic Ocean, by well-traveled authors Don Mankin & Shannon Stowell, offers advice and anecdotes about some of the world's most interesting destinations, including two of MIR's tours.

    Journey Through Central Asia: The Five 'Stans and the Trans-Siberian Classic Route by Private Train were selected by the Adventure Travel Trade Association as two of the 26 tours highlighted in the book.

    Journey Through Central Asia: The Five 'Stans
    Discover a corner of the world little known to Western travelers, journeying along the ancient Silk Road through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Stop at beautiful alpine Lake Issyk-kul before heading to Uzbekistan to admire the unparalleled majesty of Samarkand's Registan. Shop for pottery and carpets in Turkmenistan's Tolkuchka Bazaar and visit the ruins of Merv, one of the largest cities in the world for a brief period in the 12th century.

    Trans-Siberian Classic Route by Private Train
    Traverse the wide expanse of Russia on this private train tour from Moscow to Vladivostok or the reverse. Roll across 6,000 miles, with expert guides leading the group during train stops in stunning Siberia, fascinating Mongolia, and exciting Western Russia.

  • MIR Tour Honored as 2008 "Tour of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Traveler
    May, 2008
    National Geographic Traveler has designated MIR's Georgia & Armenia: Mountains & Monasteries as a "Tour of a Lifetime" in its May-June 2008 issue. With a maximum of 12 travelers, the Explorer Series tour is a journey into the spiritual, natural, architectural and culinary heritage of the spectacular Trans-Caucasus countries of Georgia and Armenia.

    On this active journey, MIR leads travelers deep into the mountainous countries of Georgia and Armenia, rich with fruitful slopes, saw-toothed peaks and unexpected treasures. Meet and interact with local people, staying overnight in village homes in spectacular, steep-sided valleys and taking day hikes past the ruins of ancient fortresses. Survey Yerevan and Tbilisi, sophisticated capital cities with excellent museums, and feel the faith of centuries at medieval churches and monasteries.

  • MIR's Trans-Siberian Mongolian Route by Private Train journey featured in Town & Country Magazine
    February, 2008
    Town & Country magazine's February, 2008 issue features a great article about a trip on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express private train from Moscow to the capital of Mongolia, UlaanBaatar-- MIR's Trans-Siberian Mongolian Route. The author, Carolyn Seebohm, was a participant on a custom journey that MIR put together for Princeton and Smith alumni groups in July of 2007, and describes her experiences on and off the grand train.

    There are two 2008 departures of the 13-day Trans-Siberian Mongolian journey: July 1-13, 2008 (Eastbound) and July 10-22, 2008 (Westbound).

    Space is filling up, so contact MIR today for more information.

  • MIR rated one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure
    November, 2007
    In November of 2007, MIR Corporation was included in National Geographic Adventure's first-ever list of 155 top adventure travel outfitters. MIR rated in the top third of these "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth."

    Described as "the world's first authoritative rating of adventure travel tour operators," the study scored outfitters on criteria such as Quality of Service, Sustainability, Spirit of Adventure, Education and Client Experience. MIR is proud to have been awarded an overall rating of 91.2 in these categories, with an outstanding 97 in "Spirit of Adventure."

    As National Geographic Adventure asserts, "When planning the adventure trip of a lifetime, the most important decision isn't where to go, but who to go with."

    We agree.

  • Two "ordinary American tourists" travel to Iran with MIR, in International Travel News (ITN)
    April, 2007
    Highlighting their friendly interactions with the people of Iran, these travelers describe their experiences on a flexible MIR tour called Essential Iran:

      "Since we were speaking English as we toured various sights, including mosques, people often came up to us to find out who we were. There was never the slightest hostility toward us Americans. We had several encounters where people wanted our photos taken with their families (quite a switch for a tourist!)."

    Read the full ITN article.

  • Two MIR Corporation Tours Honored as "Tours of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Traveler
    October, 2006
    Two of MIR's core journeys, Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia and Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova have been spotlighted in National Geographic Traveler's October 2006 "Next Great Places" issue.

    Honored as "Tours of a Lifetime" these two in-depth experiential journeys go to very different places, but both include MIR's characteristic touch - diving into the cultures and meeting the people of our destinations.

    Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia
    Silk, spices, tea, precious metals and jewels, carefully lashed to pack camels, made their way from one world to another along the old Silk Road. Travel back in time on our Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia Tour and follow in the footsteps of early explorers who plied the great trade routes connecting East and West. Limited to a maximum of 10 travelers, this Explorer Series trip is among our finest.

    Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova
    Belarus is a country of factories, wooden houses and farmland where time slowed drastically after the devastation of WWII. Ukraine, the cradle of Slavic civilization, has glittering churches, imperial palaces, fertile farmland and the former Soviet Union's prime real estate, the Crimean Peninsula on the sunny Black Sea. And little Moldova, part Romanian and part Russian, its green hills and plains stitched together with grape vines, is jostling for position in the European winemaking hierarchy.

    Changing with every moment that goes by, these three countries should be visited now before the rest of the world discovers them. Join us on this Premier Series venture through Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova. <

If you'd like to receive an RSS feed of our travel log entries which include notifications of press announcements, travel specials and things of interest to conscientious travelers, visit the MIR Corporation blog. (What is RSS)

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