2 New Small Group Tours for our 30th Anniversary Season in 2016

2 New Small Group Tours for our 30th Anniversary Season in 2016

To celebrate our 30th season in 2016, we’ve gone back to our roots and custom crafted two new itineraries to two classic MIR destinations

30 Years of Pioneering TravelIt all started 30 years ago, back in the days when the Soviet Union was called the “Evil Empire.” MIR’s founder, Doug Grimes, played in a volleyball exchange in Moscow, and fell in love with Russia. That simple yet transformative travel experience changed everything for him, and he and his partners launched MIR.

“Mir” in Russian means both “world” and “peace,” a fitting name for a company facilitating citizen diplomacy in destinations that some might consider obscure, remote, difficult, or even controversial.

Douglas with a friend in Iran. Photo credit: Annie Lucas

Douglas with a friend in Iran
Photo credit: Annie Lucas

Making ConnectionsYears later, after Russia had become more of a household word and less of a hot button, MIR launched travel to Iran. We still believe that people whose governments don’t always agree can reach out to each other through travel.

Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

A cultural exchange in Iran
Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

New JourneysIn 2016 we invite you to join us on our new small group journeys to Russia and Iran. These destinations are constantly in today’s headlines as our leaders tussle with each other, but that doesn’t have to keep us from visiting. The world can always use a little citizen diplomacy. And travel – people meeting people – is a powerful way to promote understanding across the world.


One of the Moscow Metro’s palatial stations, Komsomolskaya. Photo: Jonathan Irish

One of the Moscow Metro’s palatial stations, Komsomolskaya
Photo credit: Jonathan Irish

Insider’s Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg RediscoveredRussia is an endlessly fascinating travel destination – today more than ever.

Enjoy intimate conversations with local people, and insider perks like a ballet master class and dinner at a private dacha. Get to know the Western Russia we know and love from the inside out. Geared especially for those who’ve been to Russia before – come and see what’s new.

Insider’s Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg Rediscovered
Refined, Remarkable, Revealing
     July 22-August 1, 2016
     September 16-26, 2016
Price: $4,995 (per person, double occupancy)

Young girls in Isfahan, Iran Photo credit: Peter Guttman

Young girls in Isfahan, Iran
Photo credit: Peter Guttman

Iran UnveiledPay a visit to modern Iran, getting acquainted with its hospitable people on a compact overview that hits all the must-see highlights of Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan.

Iran Unveiled
Modern Face of a Legendary Land
April 9-20, 2016
     October 22-November 2, 2016
     November 5-16, 2016
     from $5,595 (per person, double occupancy)
     plus internal air $120 (economy class, subject to change)

Isfahan, Iran

Maidan-e Nagsh-e Jahan, also known as Imam Square, in the center of Isfahan, is one of the largest urban squares in the world
Photo credit: Martin Klimenta

Travel to Russia and Iran with MIRContact Joanna or Devin on our team – they’ve both traveled widely in Russia and Iran, including leading MIR trips, and you won’t find bigger fans of these countries’ cultural treasures anywhere. They’ll tell you why we created these trips and what we can show you if you join us.

(Top photo: Red Square in Moscow, Russia. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish)

PUBLISHED: October 20, 2015

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