Celebrate More Than 25 Years of an Independent Ukraine

Celebrate More Than 25 Years of an Independent Ukraine

August 24, 2017 is the 26th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence Day. On this day, more than 25 years ago, Ukraine’s parliament adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine.

The momentous declaration came on the heels of the collapse of an attempted coup in Moscow, when communist hardliners tried to overthrow  Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev to prevent the looming dissolution of the USSR (see our series on Witnessing the Fall of the USSR).

The coup ultimately failed, and so did the Soviet Union. Now, more than 25 years down the line, Ukraine celebrates long and loud on this proud national holiday. Parades, fireworks, private parties and public festivals are staged across the country.

In Kiev, people parade in their traditional Ukrainian vyshyvankas (embroidered blouses), while in Lviv a flight of hot air balloons takes to the sky and folk music fills the air.

The day before, August 23, is National Flag Day; hundreds of sunflower-yellow and sky-blue flags wave in the streets of cities and villages, and continue to billow proudly throughout the next day.

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

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Top Photo: Ukrainian pride is on display in Kiev; Credit: Jered Gorman

PUBLISHED: August 18, 2016

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