3 MIR Journeys in Forbes’ “Top 10 Travel Adventures for 2016”

3 MIR Journeys in Forbes’ “Top 10 Travel Adventures for 2016”

Trending in the Lifestyle section of Forbes.com is a Top Ten List of travel adventures; you can experience three of them on MIR small group journeys. The article talks about the grasslands of Mongolia & Siberia, the wine and culinary flare of the Republic of Georgia and the complex history and fascinating combined cultures of Bulgaria & Romania, and recommends MIR as one of the adventure travel companies you can trust to get you there.

Of Mongolia and Siberia, Forbes.com contributor Jim Dobson, a self-proclaimed “huge adventure travel fan,” writes:

“Mongolia’s endless grassland and desert steppe make a dramatic backdrop for the tiny round gers of lone nomadic families.  Buddhist monasteries mark the vague tracks across the steppe and the annual festival, Naadam, still showcases nomadic skills.  In Siberia, take to the waters of great Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake on earth, and ride a section of the fabled Trans-Siberian Railway or sip tea in the doorway of a traditional nomadic ger as you watch the sun set over the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert.”

Travelers can have these experiences and more on MIR’s Siberia & Mongolia: Spirits & Nomads small group tour.

Rwanda, Cuba and Antarctica are on his adventure list, as is the South Caucasus country of Georgia:

“The little country of Georgia is a gorgeous place boasting fabulous food, music and mountains.  Its warm Mediterranean climate, deep black soil, saw-toothed mountains and Black Sea coast combine to make a Garden of Eden, overflowing with wine and rich in culinary flair – everything you could wish for in a destination. Explore the archaeological sites of Vani, which has yielded hundreds of gorgeous golden artifacts, and 9th century Dmanisi, where four 1.7 million-year-old H. erectus skulls were discovered. Cheap flights, new routes, and improved infrastructure confirm Georgia as a top destination for 2016.”

You can enjoy Georgia’s fantastic food, wine, mountain scenery and archaeological artifacts on A Taste of Georgia: Wine, Cuisine & Culture.

Dobson doesn’t want you to overlook the two under-explored countries of Bulgaria and Romania:

“Explore the complex history and fascinating culture of Bulgaria and Romania, two Balkan countries whose rugged terrain and consequent isolation have helped preserve their heritage. Discover the luminous frescoes of the painted monasteries, breathe in the fragrance of the Valley of the Roses, and spend an afternoon visiting with villagers in a tiny Transylvanian town. Discover the Romanian origins of the Dracula story in the medieval towns of Sighisoara and Bran, whose castle embodies the Gothic image of a Transylvanian vampire castle.”

This perfectly describes our Bulgaria & Romania: Frescoes & Fortresses small group tour, with two departures in 2016.

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Top photo: Michel Behar / MIR Corporation

PUBLISHED: January 19, 2016

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