For 30 years MIR has been helping travelers design their dream trips to Siberia, the Silk Route, St. Petersburg and beyond.  MIR has served them all:

  • Country collectors looking to visit every single one of the 35 countries on MIR’s roster of small group tours.
  • Alumni institutions sponsoring private tours that feature exclusive access to fascinating experiences.
  • Families and groups of friends embarking on epic fully-supported overland driving expeditions.
  • Non-profits staging large-scale events that generate awareness of different issues.

Specializing exclusively in the region at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and offering a unique blend of high level customer service and on-the-ground affiliate support, MIR is perfectly positioned to assist you.

MIR Clients Enjoying a Georgian Feast; Photo: Michel Behar

It was a great trip. We learned a lot! It fulfilled my goals to learn more deeply about the people of Central Asia and to have the opportunity to connect with our fellow travelers and the local people across the region. The people are so hospitable! They have a very strong community life in which they seem to find joy and comfort and strength.

Our tour manager was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable, personable, willing to accommodate individual needs without sacrificing the group’s experience, offered lots of opportunities to connect with local peoples, and was able to maneuver very well in a very complex and ever-changing region.

– M. Ellingson, Portland, OR

Meeting locals in Konye Urgench, Turkmenistan; Photo: Timothy Malishenko

This was the best guided tour I’ve taken, exceeding my expectations in many ways. Normally, I prefer to travel independently, but the MIR tour provided access to a part of the world that might be difficult to navigate without knowledge of the language. All the arrangements and activities reflected thorough planning and careful selection of accommodations and venues for excursions. Mahalo to all at MIR for going the extra mile to provide a wonderful memorable experience.

– J. Howard, Honolulu, HI