A certain type of traveler dreams of personally traversing the far reaches of the back of beyond – under his or her own steam.

People like this may be few enough to stand out in a crowd, but they are far more determined than the average traveler, and they like to make things happen.

No matter what your route or mode of transportation…


MIR handled logistics for a caravan of 18 Land Rovers and 49 travelers through Central Asia, the South Caucasus and Turkey.


MIR is Ready for You, Whoever You Are…

Whoever you are, MIR can help translate your dreams into reality, just as we’ve done for others in the past.  Since 1986 we have specialized exclusively in travel to the collection of countries at the crossroads of Europe and Asia; we don’t do the rest of the world.

MIR’s depth of experience and expertise in the region is unmatched.  We’ve supported:

  • A group of motorcyclists dreaming of braving the potholed roads through the Siberian taiga.
  • Devoted drivers re-creating an epic auto race on a custom overland car rally.
  • A family who simply wanted a series of expeditions by Land Rover across most of MIR’s 35 countries.
  • An around-the-world relay run raising awareness for a cause dear to their hearts (involving 24-hour-a-day logistics support for 79 people, including staff and runners, covering the 5,500 miles from Belarus through Russia, Mongolia and China – in 36 days).

Veteran travel planners at MIR have the discernment that only comes from 30 years of experience and reliable connections on the ground.  MIR has proven ability to handle the complex logistics required when navigating at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.


MIR’s Specialty: Legendary Overland Routes

From route selection to day-to-day logistics, MIR’s expertise and on-the-ground support network works for your group, ensuring an itinerary that makes sense and includes great sightseeing with expert local guides along the way.

We take care of planning for border crossings, visas and permits, and we know where to stop to break up the vast distances most efficiently.  The tedious formalities are out of your hands.


From Beijing to Europe across Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine

From the ever-changing face of China, across the gorgeous rolling steppe of Mongolia, through the charming towns and villages of Siberia, and to the imposing cathedrals of historic cities like Moscow and Kiev, there is no comparable journey anywhere.




From Istanbul to Xi’an along the old Silk Road

Traveling overland along the old Silk Road is so much easier today than it was back when dusty camel caravans hauled their precious cargo from oasis to oasis.

With MIR as their navigator, drivers have time to enjoy the arching blue-tiled mosques, tall minarets and the piles of vivid handwoven carpets at the bazaars along the fascinating route.



Overland Expeditions by Design

MIR can custom-craft a route itinerary to traveler preferences and specifications.

Contact a MIR Private Journey Specialist to discuss all the details that go into a trip of this magnitude at 1-800-424-7289 or privatejourneys@mircorp.com

We thought the itinerary you provided also was very good and we so appreciated the flexibility of the tour guides when we needed to change a bit of the itinerary for a variety of reasons.  We got so much more out of our trip than anyone else with whom we’ve compared notes.

The Hortons
Boulder, CO

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