We love it here in our chosen corner of the world – we have found it to be endlessly rewarding, both as travelers and as human beings. Our primary focus for 30 years and counting is on bringing people together to discover more about each other and, consequently, about themselves.

Since 1986, we’ve been specializing in destinations that fewer people venture to, many of them considered obscure, remote, difficult or controversial. Whether your travel dreams involve unfamiliar and unconventional places from Tibet to Tashkent to Tehran – or anyplace in between – we strive to make them come true.

We treasure our collection of past travelers’ comments and accolades, and are happy to share them with you. See what they have to say about MIR’s services.

These are the reasons savvy travelers choose MIR:


Exploring the countries at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and guiding fellow travelers here, has been our overriding passion since 1986 – it’s all we do.



Our Seattle-based travel specialists, overseas affiliated team, international crew of tour managers and expert local guides are hand-picked professionals who share an unbridled enthusiasm for the destinations and a deep dedication to serving our travelers.



Our travelers don’t just pass through; they tap into the culture through uncommon and inspired experiences. It is our greatest pleasure to personalize the journey – a pursuit of ours for the last three decades.


Peace – and Peace of Mind

MIR means “peace” and “world” in Russian; to travelers it means “peace of mind.” Some travelers have told us MIR also means “Make It Remarkable.



As travelers ourselves, we share your urge to discover, connect with and understand the world through travel, and we endeavor to produce extraordinary travel experiences for you.


ReputationMtskheta Tskholevi Cathedral; Photo: James Carnehan

A company doesn’t last 30 years in the travel business without a solid track record. Prestigious university alumni associations travel with us, well-respected travel magazines have acclaimed us, and our trips and catalogs win awards.



Over the last three decades we have cultivated relationships with affiliate field offices on the ground in  Western Russia, SiberiaUkraine and Uzbekistan, and partnerships that stretch far beyond.



We offer inventive itineraries designed by people who’ve been there, backed up by the dedication and determination to take on virtually any travel challenge.