As you peruse MIR’s small group, railway and private tour options, you’ll discover what makes us such fans of our destinations:

  • The majesty of Moscow’s Kremlin and Red Square.
  • The rolling Mongolian steppe still inhabited by nomadic peoples.
  • Georgia’s savory culinary traditions and its wonderful artisan wines.
  • Uzbekistan’s grand bazaars.
  • The smoking volcanoes on the Pacific Ring of Fire in Kamchatka.


Uncommon Experiences

Our travelers don’t just pass through; they tap into the culture. We provide them with uncommon experiences, like visiting with a children’s English class; like being welcomed into a private Russian home for a memorable meal, enjoying both home-cooked specialties and heartfelt conversations; like a visit to an artist’s workshop near the Silk Road oasis of Bukhara, where a master paints flourishes on a ceramic dish.


Benefitting and Protecting Our Favorite Places

Our goal is to benefit and protect our favorite places, supporting and building the communities we care about.

  • We hire locally wherever possible, preferring to frequent locally-owned businesses.
  • We plan imaginative itineraries that bring our travelers into close contact with the culture of the people who live here, expanding the horizons of everyone involved.
  • It’s why we seek knowledgeable and dedicated local guides to offer essential insights into the history and traditions of our destinations.
  • The guides, drivers and tour managers who seek to work with MIR and MIR affiliated partners value their roles as cultural ambassadors, and their stable employment empowers them to contribute to their communities.
  • In addition to contributing our time and resources to programs that benefit the peoples at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, MIR Corporation will donate all profits from the sale of gear in our Travel Gear Shop towards cultural and conservation projects we support.