While every journey along the path has benefited from our local knowledge, the principals at MIR have a special affinity for – shall we say – super-challenging logistical projects. We enjoy putting together the puzzle pieces of meals, hotel rooms, communications, drive times, road conditions, visas, permits, licenses, etc. into a seamless and harmonious whole.


Highlights of Recent Years:
  • Mongolia Photo credit: Douglas GrimesFacilitating many cross-country motorcycle adventures through Russia and Central Asia
  • Planning and operating a series of overland 4X4 journeys for an extended family and their friends (Beijing to Warsaw – 85 days, around the Balkans – 58 days; Turkey to Tehran via the South Caucasus – 99 days; and in 2012, 75 days in Central Asia)
  • Supporting the international leg of a 2011 re-creation of the incredible 1908 round-the-world road rally (Beijing to Paris – 49 days).
  • Pioneering a one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes trip to the once highly classified world of Russian space travel. Since 2005 various alumni and non-profit educational institutions have sponsored departures of this program.
  • Handling logistics for a caravan of 18 Land Rovers and 49 travelers on a route traversing Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, across the Caspian Sea by ferry to Azerbaijan, and through Georgia and Turkey

  • Organizing and supporting an around-the-world relay run to raise awareness of the worldwide need for clean drinking water (Belarus-Russia-Mongolia-China: 24/7 for 36 days, 79 people, 11 support vehicles, over 5,500 miles, 4 international borders and 45 cities)

  • Arranging travel for the U.S. Army Brass Quintet, staff members, and accompanying family members as they embarked on an unprecedented series of concerts with their Russian counterparts

  • Coordinating flights, visas, lodging, meals, conference facilities, transportation, translation services, farm/agriculture facility visits and cultural activities for the Arkansas Agricultural and Rural Leadership Program’s International Seminar to China and LEAD New York’s International Seminar to Turkey

  • Tracking down childhood homes and schools and setting up personal visits and high-end experiences for editors from Caviar Affair luxury magazine, on a bespoke tour of Russia and Ukraine

  • Overseeing logistics to support a high-profile educational program for 150 travelers, including speakers, support staff and participants, and arranging exclusive meeting venues in Baku, Azerbaijan and Tbilisi, Georgia for presentations by politicians and government officials

  • Coordinating over a dozen international seminars for Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation, a leadership training non-profit, to destinations including China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Turkey

Additional examples of non-profit, corporate, educational and specialty private group and individual travel services and tour programming conducted by MIR are available on request.


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