Heritage Class aboard the Shangri-La Express

Heritage Class aboard the Shangri-La Express

Comfortably furnished and traditionally decorated with varnished wood and brass, each Heritage Class cabin includes a Pullman table and deep armchair alongside a large picture window. A wash basin is shared between adjoining compartments and a washroom/toilet is located at each end of the sleeper carriages. A state-of-the-art shower car with individual compartments, each containing a shower and changing area, is located centrally on the train.

Couples booking Imperial Suites or Gold Class on this journey will be allocated two compartments on the Shangri-La Express, with washroom between. Singles booking Imperial Suites or Gold Class will share washrooms with another deluxe-class single.

Heritage Class cabin dimensions – 8 cabins/carriage:

Cabin Area (total, including bathroom) – 38.4 sq ft (3.6 sq m)
Cabin Length – 6′ 7″ (2 m)
Cabin Width – 6′ 2″ (1.9 m)
Bed Length – 6′ 2″ (1.9 m)
Lower bed width – 2′ 5″ (75 cm)
Upper bed width – 2′ 3″ (70 cm)

There is 1 wash basin per 2 rooms.

PUBLISHED: April 1, 2014