Ancient Persia – Modern Iran with Patricia Schultz and MIR

Ancient Persia – Modern Iran with Patricia Schultz and MIR

Patricia Schultz, world traveler and guidebook writer, recently hosted a MIR tour to Iran, and she has something to tell you about the country:

“Forget everything you’ve ever heard. Iran is open for tourism. This Middle Eastern country, for decades demonized as dark and dangerous, has become today’s surprising destination of choice for the adventurous and curious traveler.”

Sharing her impression with Travel Weekly about the tour she hosted (Ancient Persia – Modern Iran), Patricia tells of her experiences with the surprisingly friendly local people.

“…you will find a citizenry that is exceedingly charming, friendly, curious and always eager to chat. ‘You’re American?’ they’ll ask. ‘Thank you for coming to my country!’”

“There’s no better way to understanding and peace than people meeting people,” said Annie Lucas, vice president of MIR. “It’s why we got started in this business 30 years ago. That grass-roots philosophy is as important today as it’s ever been.”

Patricia Schultz, author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, snaps a picture with local women in Iran

A photo op with Patricia and local women in Iran
Photo: Michel Behar

Patricia was thrilled to finally visit a country she had read so much about.

“For decades, I had been wowed by glossy photographs of Iran’s archaeological sites, its lavish palaces with stained glass windows, its ancient baths, bazaars brimming with spices and carpets, Islamic architecture and dazzling blue-green-tiled mosques topped with domes of mesmerizing mathematical perfection. And yet, three-dimensional Iran still came as a surprise.”

Patricia in front of Rayen Castle Photo: Michel Behar

Patricia in front of the Citadel of Rayen
Photo: Michel Behar

Is Iran one of those 1,000 places to see before you die? Most definitely:

Right now is a great time to explore both sides of Iran: ancient Persia, whose wonders are breathtaking and awe-inspiring, and modern Iran, with all its surprises and contradictions.”

Read the entire article on the Travel Weekly website

Patricia also placed Iran #1 on McCool’s list of “Absolutely Inspiring Places to Visit in 2017.” 

Achaemenid tombs at Naghsh-e Rostam, near UNESCO-listed Persepolis Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

Achaemenid tombs at Naghsh-e Rostam, near UNESCO-listed Persepolis
Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

Travel to Iran with MIR

MIR has more than 20 years of experience hand-crafting tours to Iran. Our full service, dedication, commitment to quality, and destination expertise have twice earned us a place on National Geographic Adventure’s list of Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth.”

You can visit Iran with MIR in a number of ways: on a small group tour, on a rail journey by private train, or on an independent trip put together just the way you want it.

Chat with a MIR destination specialist about travel to Iran by phone (800-424-7289) or email today. Our team has an insider’s knowledge of what to do and see in Iran, and we would love to help you craft a tour that satisfies your curiosity about this ancient and modern country.


Top photo: The swooping 164-foot Azadi (Freedom) Tower takes pride of place in Tehran’s spacious green Azadi Square. Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

PUBLISHED: June 23, 2016

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