Annie Lucas on Iran: Interview with Rudy Maxa

Annie Lucas on Iran: Interview with Rudy Maxa

MIR Vice President Annie Lucas recently spoke with Rudy Maxa, host of “America’s #1 Radio Travel Show,” Rudy Maxa’s World with the Careys, on visiting the new “hot spot,” Iran.

NPR’s Savvy Traveler radio host for many years, Rudy Maxa seemed dubious about traveling in Iran, but Annie Lucas shared her experience with the country, assuring him that it’s a worthy destination, and is actually growing in popularity.

Rudy Maxa: “Iran doesn’t spring easily to many peoples’ minds when they think about the new hot spot to go visit.”

Annie Lucas: “I would agree with that. However, it’s increasing in popularity all the time, especially among people who are really quite intrepid travelers and looking for something a little different…There’s a perception that it’s been off-limits, so that’s, I think, part of the allure.”

Rudy Maxa: “Is it legal for Americans to visit?”

Annie Lucas: “It absolutely is. It has been. There often is that sense that maybe there’s some reason people couldn’t go there, but that’s more of a perception than a reality.”

Rudy Maxa: “Can you wander around in Iran?”

Annie Lucas: “There are some requirements for American travelers. We can do private trips for people, as well as group tours, so people can have more flexibility, but they are accompanied while they travel, and it is an itinerary that’s established in advance. It’s not as flexible as many other destinations, at least for Americans on tourist visas.”

Annie summed up travel to Iran this way:

“It’s a fantastic destination…The country has so much to offer, and it’s a good-sized place, so you don’t run out of things to do. The quality of the attractions is quite impressive, and there’s quite a bit of diversity as well.”

Listen to the interview here. You can find it in Hour 2 of 5/21/2016, at the 34.29-minute mark.

Top photo: MIR Vice President, Annie Lucas, admires the tilework inside the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran. Photo credit: Douglas Grimes

PUBLISHED: June 3, 2016

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