Client Spotlight: Travel to Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova

Client Spotlight: Travel to Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova

In the spring of 2017, MIR traveler James Burch set off on MIR’s Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova small group tour, sending almost daily reports on his progress. We saved his refreshing and good-natured missives and observant photos, and put them together for you to enjoy as we did

Follow along as James Burch shares his perspective on three countries that don’t often get a lot of love from travelers.

UPDATE:  Starting in 2018, the itinerary of our Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova small group tour departures will include a foray into Transdniester, a narrow strip of Moldovan land bordering Ukraine where separatists have declared a disputed independence.

In a Belarusian village:

Performers in traditional dress
Photo: James Burch

“We had, in typical Slavic fashion, homemade vodka, vegetable soup, stuffed fish, sliced tongue in aspic, sauerkraut, pickled julienne carrots, veal stew, re-baked potatoes, cheese blintzes, baked apples… and ice cream. During the meal, we were serenaded. It was such fun!  We danced in a line out the door and around the garden.”



In Kiev:

Painted eggs with the cyrillic spelling of Kiev
Photo: James Burch

“No, we are not in Knib. That is the Ukrainian Cyrillic spelling of this city. Kiev is the Russian name, which the Ukrainians do not use. They spell it Kyiv in our alphabet. We have heard different pronunciations but the accent must be on the first syllable.”



In Lviv:

View from the cheap seats
Photo: James Burch

“Our awesome tour manager, who is a native of Lviv, got seven of us tickets to Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, a one-act opera I had never seen. It was sung in Italian. The good news is they have subtitles. Ya wanna guess the bad news?  We sat in the 5th row and the tickets were $10.”




Read James Burch’s Travel Journal


Travel to Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova with MIR

MIR has more than 30 years of travel experience to these unconventional countries. Chat with a MIR destination expert to learn more about MIR’s tour Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova, a National Geographic Traveler “Tour of a Lifetime.”

Starting in 2018, our Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova small group tour departures include travel through Transdniester, giving the traveler a glimpse back into Soviet times. Explore the time capsules of Tiraspol, the region’s capital, and Bendery, taking time to converse with local people to hear their perspective.

You can also explore Western Ukraine on its own with Essential Ukraine – traveling on your own dates with a ready-made itinerary – or work with a MIR Private Journeys specialist to create your own personalized custom private journey to this region.

Top Photo: The Ethnographic Museum in Lviv, Ukraine; Photo: James Burch

PUBLISHED: July 10, 2017

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