Congratulations on your retirement, Mariana!

Congratulations on your retirement, Mariana!

For nearly two decades, the words of MIR’s Senior Copywriter, Mariana Noble, have graced countless pages in our catalogs, brochures, destination guides, and reading materials, not to mention numerous stories and personal travel accounts written especially for the MIR blog. Throughout her long tenure at our Seattle office, she has been a dedicated co-worker, a thoughtful travel companion, a warm and generous mentor, and a cherished friend.

Today, with bittersweet emotions, we bid Mariana a fond farewell as she heads into new adventures in retirement.

Mariana joined MIR Corporation in 2000, starting out as an office manager before letting her creative talents shine as the company’s sole copywriter. She made it her focus to spotlight the extraordinary treasures (both cultural and natural) in each of MIR’s destinations at the crossroads of Europe and Asia — places that were once considered obscure, remote, and even controversial, but today are fast becoming some of the world’s newest travel hotspots. Thanks to her expertly crafted content, she helped shape MIR’s creative voice into what it is today, capturing our company’s passion and pioneering spirit with enthusiasm, wit, and signature style like no one else.

Mariana Noble

It’s been an honor to have Mariana as an integral part of our team. We will forever be indebted to her creativity and commitment to propelling MIR to its current position as a recognized leader in the travel industry.

Mariana will be deeply missed, but thankfully won’t be too far away from her colleagues in the MIR Seattle office — she’s looking forward to kicking up her heels and spending more time gardening and relaxing at her new home on Whidbey Island, just a short hop away from downtown Seattle.

Mariana Noble

Mariana’s words will also continue to live on in the MIR blog. Check out our blog archives, where you can read these favorite stories and more penned by our beloved wordsmith:

Congratulations on your retirement, Mariana! We wish you all the best as you start the next exciting chapter in your life.

Mariana Noble

PUBLISHED: June 25, 2019

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6 thoughts on “Congratulations on your retirement, Mariana!

  • Tom Noble

    Mariana, your enthusiastic descriptions have made us wish we had the wherewithal to travel to the places about which you’ve written. (And being your brother, of course I’m biased…)

    • Mariana Noble

      Aww, thanks, Tom. I’ve been so lucky to get to go to these places as a guest of MIR. With my only assignment being to write about them!

  • Mary Beth

    So happy for you, Cuz! Wish I was retiring but I must wait another year. You were so lucky to have a job that sent you all over the world, albeit some very cold places, but still … I think the writing gene is associated with the drawing gene, don’t you?! Glad you were able to make the most of your creative talents and have fun doing it!

    • Mariana Noble

      Thanks so much, Mary Beth. I think there’s a gene for creativity, and we all have it – it’s just buried kind of deep in some people. I’m glad you only have a year left before your retirement, though it sounds like your job has taken you to some wonderful places too. Here’s to lifelong curiosity and learning!

  • Joanne Walby

    Congratulations, Mariana. From our first meeting at UW to our time at MIR, to just friend-about-town, I have loved hearing your adventures, thoughtful advice and enjoyed reading your words–they always seemed to open a door in the mind. Enjoy your retirement.

    • Mariana Noble

      Thank you, Joanne. Studying Russian language, history, and culture with you was inspiring. And then you went on to study in Egypt, learning an entirely different language as well as Russian! Yow!