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Traveler Health & Well-Being 

For 35 years we’ve guided travelers to the crossroads of Europe and Asia — adapting and evolving our on-trip protocols along the way to serve you best.

Update! The U.S. CDC has dropped the requirement for air travelers to have a negative COVID-19 test to enter the United States as of Sunday, June 12.

An update on trips to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova: For three and a half decades we have cultivated peace through international travel. We are outraged by the unproved Russian aggression and heartbroken over the continued escalation of violence and the senseless suffering by so many in Ukraine. Travel operations in these countries are suspended due to the ongoing conflict. We will continue to pray for a peaceful resolution and to support individuals and organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine–we hope you will join us.

The safety and well-being of our guests and teams is paramount and we will continue to develop and adopt safety and sanitation practices to all destinations as they evolve during this new era of travel.

One of the safest ways we are getting back to traveling the world responsibly is through vaccination. For peace of mind and ease of travel, all MIR guests are required to be fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel with MIR, including starting in 2022, a booster shot administered no later than two weeks prior to departure. We also recommend that you are up to date with additional boosters per CDC guidelines per your eligibility. As booster guidance continues to evolve, this policy may be revisited accordingly.

As regulations continue to be lifted throughout our destinations from Tbilisi to Tallinn to Tirana to Tashkent, we will continue to closely monitor the rapidly changing landscape with updates from U.S. Department of State (DOS), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and other professional sources. Many of our destinations no longer have any Covid-related entry requirements.

Read more about what you can expect when traveling with MIR.





Which MIR Destinations are Open for Travel Now?

Countries are gradually reopening to vaccinated American travelers. For those ready to venture out soon to take advantage of this window of opportunity to explore before the crowds return, here’s a list of destinations MIR can help vaccinated travelers get to now – or whenever you’re ready.







Already Booked on a MIR Tour?

As the pandemic unfolded over the past year, MIR reached out personally and individually to all of our small group travelers and those with custom private plans that weren’t able to materialize in 2020. We’ve been thrilled by how many travelers have stayed on board for future tours, and we’re as excited as you are to get you back to exploring our corner of the world. Please contact us with any specific questions regarding your upcoming reservations.

Continued Flexibility

We are continuing our personal attention to all our travelers, as the global travel landscape remains dynamic. If you have carried forward a booking from 2020 and are currently booked on any Small Group Tour, Flexible Essential Private Trip, or Custom Private Journey, and are now considering not traveling on your re-scheduled tour departure, you may transfer your deposit up to the final payment due date to another departure date* through December 31, 2023. Just contact us to discuss details.

If MIR should cancel your trip: transfer your deposit to the same trip within the next year and we’ll lock in your current price.

*Based on availability. Traveler is responsible for any price difference incurred with their future trip.

Please contact us for more details about Rail Journeys by Private Train and Special Tours.

Connect with Us Anytime

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding our destinations or details about your upcoming trip. We’re available Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5:30pm PST.



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