Dance to the Music – in Signagi, Georgia

Dance to the Music – in Signagi, Georgia

Last year, I traveled with MIR to Georgia on a small group tour, A Taste of Georgia: Wine, Cuisine & Culture.  One night, while we were in the middle of a Georgian Table feast – called a supra – at Pheasant’s Tears restaurant in Signagi, these two guys jumped up from the table and started dancing.

They belong to a dance troupe that practices upstairs, so they dance better than most, but I want you to know that this kind of thing can happen at a Georgian feast. People get so exuberant that they burst into song and/or hop up and dance wherever they can find room. Traditions are still alive in Georgia, they’re not relegated to costumed folk performances.

In this clip, you can see two fellows in the darkened restaurant taking turns showing off their moves, and then a young woman hurries around the table to join them. The music you hear is made by their friends, who are alternately eating, drinking wine and playing their instruments. Everybody enjoys themselves at a Georgian Feast – diners, dancers, musicians and singers.

Signagi, GeorgiaMariana Noble

The hilltown of Signagi in Georgia’s wine country
Mariana Noble

Travel to Georgia with MIRJoin the celebration at a Georgian Feast! MIR has nearly 30 years of unmatched expertise here, hand-crafting tours to Georgia and the South Caucasus since 1986.

(Top photo: Evening at Pheasant’s Tears restaurant. Photo credit:  John Wurdeman)

PUBLISHED: July 7, 2015

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