Dancing in Khiva, Uzbekistan: The Khalfi Family (VIDEO)

Dancing in Khiva, Uzbekistan: The Khalfi Family (VIDEO)

The Silk Road oasis of Khiva, Uzbekistan is located in the arid region of Khorezm. Though the historical Khorezmian dynasty ended at the hands of Genghis Khan’s armies, the people of Khiva are still proud of their Khorezmian heritage, including their traditional music and dances.

Khorezmian dance is more playful and relaxed than other Uzbek dance styles, and less acrobatic. Lyazgi, one of the more popular Khorezm dances, is characterized by fluttery hand movements and sliding head movements.

The revolving troupe of performers in the Khalfi family (featured in our video) has been singing, dancing, and drumming for years now in Khiva. As the younger generation grows up and moves on to other pursuits, there always seem to be more little ones ready to join their relatives and add to the fun of the performances.

A Khalfi family performance in Khiva, Uzbekistan. Photo credit: David Parker

A Khalfi family performance in Khiva
Photo credit: Michel Behar

About the Khorezm Region of UzbekistanLong ago this was a land of plenty, its fertile soil and abundant water inviting agriculture and settlement. The Amu Darya River, known as the Oxus by the ancient Greeks, meandered through the region, giving rise to cities that later decayed when it changed its course, or when irrigation systems were destroyed. The desert between Khiva and the dying Aral Sea is dotted with the remains of ancient Khorezmian citadels.

Khiva, Uzbekistan Photo credit: Peter Guttman

Khiva’s Old Town in Uzbekistan
Photo credit: Peter Guttman

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Top photo: The Khalfi family performs a traditional dance for travelers in Khiva, Uzbekistan. Photo credit: Michel Behar

PUBLISHED: July 21, 2015

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