Silk Route Adventures: Travel to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in 2015 and Save

Silk Route Adventures: Travel to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in 2015 and Save

For more than a thousand years the web of trade routes we call the Silk Road diffused the lifeblood of culture, technology, art and spiritual practices throughout the known world. All up and down the spidery tracks, traces remain of the far-reaching transfusion of cultures that the great camel caravans made possible.

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are two of the countries that Silk Road merchants and pilgrims traversed, and they were affected in very different ways.

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5 Ways to Travel the Silk Road and Save
  • Adventure to Uzbekistan or Tajikistan: MIR will pay $225 toward your visas on select trips. (more info)
  • Early Booking Discount: Save $100 per person when you book a 2015 small group tour or rail journey by private train by December 31, 2014. (more info)
  • Booking multiple trips with MIR? Book two scheduled group tours and save $100 per person, per tour. (more info)
  • Traveling solo on the Silk Route by Private Train or Caspian Odyssey by Private Train rail journeys aboard the Golden Eagle? There are two ways to save:
    • Prepared to share aboard a deluxe Golden Eagle train tour? Save the cost of the single supplement on select departures. (more info)
    • Save 50% off the single supplement on Trans-Siberian rail journeys aboard the Golden Eagle. (more info)


Travel to Uzbekistan: The Heart of the Silk Road

Here, beautiful, shimmering cities emerged out of the desert, beloved of conquerors and commoners alike.  Merchants loved to take this route, even though it led through parched deserts, because of the glamor and wealth of its fabled oases, Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva.

  • Browse the teeming bazaars where Silk Road commerce continues in a flurry of color.
  • Discover the lives and work of local silk and ceramic artisans in their workshops in the rural Fergana Valley.
  • Dine at the homes of local Uzbek families, sampling traditional Central Asian dishes.
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3 ways to travel to Uzbekistan:

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Travel to Tajikistan: The Silk Road Less Traveled

This was always the road less traveled, a secretive, alternate route leading into the lonely and dangerous Pamir Mountains. This isolated track avoided the popular oasis cities of the flatlands; avoided as well the battles, bureaucrats, and tax collectors who might cut into the traders’ profits.

  • Overnight at a guesthouse in the little village of Kalaikhumb, once the home of a mighty fortress.
  • Explore the capital of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, Horog, set at 7,000 feet near the Afghan border.
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2 ways to travel to Tajikistan:

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Ways to Travel the Silk Road

Experience the Silk Road on a Small Group TourEach expertly-guided small group tour travels with a maximum of 16 participants (some are even capped at 12) and features all-inclusive land pricing (more details).

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Discover the Silk Road on a Rail Journey by Private TrainOur rail journeys by private train are in a class of their own, allowing travelers to experience remote destinations in style and comfort – particularly enjoyable on the legendary Silk Route.

  • The Silk Route by Private Train
    Between Beijing, China and Moscow, Russia via Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan aboard the luxury Golden Eagle
  • Caspian Odyssey by Private Train
    Board the luxury Golden Eagle private train and explore the countries on both sides of the Caspian Sea – Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

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A Custom & Private Silk Road Adventure Just For YouWhether you’re looking for a compact trip with all the highlights or something a little roomier with some of the extras, MIR’s Private Journeys department can suggest places to see and things to do based on our local knowledge, and design a one-of-a-kind itinerary for you, your family or your group of friends.

Get started by completing our easy Custom Travel Inquiry form.

MIR also offers suggested independent itineraries available on a private departure basis with your choice of dates:

  • Essential Central Asia
    Explore the markets, mosques and minarets of oasis towns on the fringes of Uzbekistan‘s Kyzyl Kum and Turkmenistan’s Kara Kum deserts.
  • Essential Uzbekistan
    Roam Uzbekistan‘s great Silk Road oases of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva, all of them UNESCO Sites.
  • Essential Tajikistan
    Secluded Tajikistan is wreathed in spectacular mountains and colored with the influence of Persia, the Islamic world and Russia.
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(Top photo: Uzbek dancers and camels in Langar, Tajikistan. Photo credits: Lindsay Fincher and Dilshod Kiramov)

PUBLISHED: November 21, 2014

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