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2 thoughts on “How Do I Say Please and Thank You in Iran (or anywhere else)?

  • John&Joan Neubauer, Yakima WA

    The Iranians are among the most considerate and kind people on the planet. We traveled there on our own in 1976 and would enjoy traveling there again. Our trip with Mir to the “Stans” and Caucasus with Paul and Devin several years ago is at the top of our list. Thanks, Mir.

    • Devin Connolly

      Dear John and Joan,
      While the political landscape in Iran is much altered since 1976, the friendliness and generosity of the Iranian people remains firmly intact. I’m sure you would get a lot out of a return visit to Iran.
      So lovely to hear from you both! I have returned to the Caucasus many times since our trip – it’s a part of the world that never gets old for me! It would be a joy to travel with you again.
      Best regards,