New York Times: Iran Sanctions Down – Travel Up

New York Times: Iran Sanctions Down – Travel Up

Sanctions on Iran were lifted in January, and the country is vaulting to the top of travelers’ Bucket Lists.

The New York Times, examining the new trend, gave MIR vice president Annie Lucas a call to ask about client interest in travel to Iran.

“We’d seen it for a while but as people become comfortable with Iran on the world scene, they think it may be a good time to do something they may have wanted to do for a while,” said Annie Lucas, vice president at Mir. “We feel there’s pent-up demand on the part of intrepid travelers.”

Greetings in Iran. Photo credit: Joanna Millick

Greeting a MIR traveler in Iran
Photo credit: Joanna Millick

Paste, a leading online arts and lifestyle magazine, asked, “Is Iran the Next Cuba?” The article mentions MIR as one of the few U.S. tour companies with a selection of tours to Iran.

“Last month’s sanctions removal did more than improve US-Iran political relations—it also helped revive the Islamic Republic’s tourism appeal among Americans… Much like the initial draw of Cuba, American travelers, undeterred by State Department warnings, hope to experience the long-isolated country before it becomes saturated with fanny-pack toting families.”

Unlike travel to Cuba, though, travel to Iran has always been legal – preconceived notions and bad publicity are the things that have discouraged all but the most intrepid travelers from giving it a try. MIR has been introducing travelers to Iran for some 15 years. When travelers venture there with MIR, they find that the people they meet are unfailingly warm and friendly.

And with sanctions lowered, the main difference you’ll find is that you can finally buy a sumptuous Persian carpet and bring it home with you!

Zanjan, Iran. Photo credit: James Carnehan.

Zanjan’s UNESCO-listed mausoleum at Soltaniyeh has a dome over 150 feet high
Photo credit: James Carnehan

Travel to Iran with MIR

MIR has more than 15 years of travel experience hand-crafting tours to Iran. Our full service, dedication, commitment to quality, and destination expertise have twice earned us a place on National Geographic Adventure’s list of “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth.”

You can visit Iran in a number of ways: on a small group tour, on a rail journey by private train,  or on an independent trip put together just the way you want it.

Chat with a MIR destination specialist about travel to Iran by phone (800-424-7289) or email today. Our team has an insider’s knowledge of what to do and see in Iran, and we would love to help you craft a tour that satisfies your curiosity about this ancient and modern country.

Top photo: UNESCO-listed rock carvings near Persepolis, Iran. Photo credit: Michel Behar

PUBLISHED: February 17, 2016

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