La Maison Bleue Craft Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia

La Maison Bleue Craft Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia

Stepping into La Maison Bleue’s Tbilisi, Georgia storefront studio is a dazzling experience. On the color-splashed walls hang brilliant appliquéd landscapes and fabric icons, billowing painted silks cover the windows and catch the light, soft batik still lifes and upright cloth screens delineate the space and separate the showroom from the textile workshop.

For more than 20 years, five Georgian artists have been creating textiles, displaying their crafts, and teaching others in this art studio across from the Round Garden, with its splashing fountain crowned by a sculpture of the Little Prince.

The studio is a wonderful place to chat with artists about their pieces Photo: Michel Behar

The studio is a wonderful place to chat with the artists about their pieces
Photo: Michel Behar

BeginningsAll graduates of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, these artists opened La Maison Bleue in 1994 not only to showcase their own and others’ textile art, but to teach children and adults as well. Their names may be familiar since their works have been shown in Georgia and around the world: Keti Kavtaradze, Nino Kvavilashvili, Irma Khoperia, Eka Khuntsaria, and Nino Khoperia.

What to SeeThe Tbilisi studio is located in one of a cluster of stone buildings called Gallery 27, a caravanserai in earlier times. Here visitors can admire hand-painted batik silk scarves and wall hangings, vivid cushion covers, and impeccable needlework adorning pillowcases, decorative screens and lampshades. These items along with small souvenirs are available for purchase.

La Maison Bleue Craft Studio also offers private lessons, workshops, and demonstrations in batik textile dyeing. A stop here is a prized experience for travelers interested in Georgian culture, history, and the arts.

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Top Photo: A decorative wall hanging on display at La Maison Bleue; Photo: Michel Behar

PUBLISHED: July 19, 2016

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