MIR: Change, For the Better

MIR: Change, For the Better

At MIR we’re used to change: change in the world, change in nations, change in politics, change in our tours, and now change in our web site.

We embrace them all.

Sharing photos, laughter and friendship in Iran Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

Sharing photos, laughter and friendship in Iran
Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

Lhasa, Tibet: for many an exotic Buddhist destination, far of the beaten path <br>Photo credit: Yulia Protosova

Lhasa, Tibet: for many a sacred Buddhist destination, far off the beaten path
Photo credit: Yulia Protosova

Meaning Behind MIROur name, “MIR,” means both “world” and “peace” in Russian. That dual meaning is not lost on us, as we truly seek world peace, through travel and citizen diplomacy. For more than 27 years MIR has been a front-and-center witness in the world, even as the Soviet Union crumbled and doors – travel doors – opened for us and for those who travel with us.

Since then, these changes are happening at breakneck speed as we seek and find hidden treasures in this ever-evolving world: once-forbidden cities back in the old USSR; once tough-to-travel-to countries like Turkmenistan and Tibet; once-impossible places to even land in, like the rugged volcanic wilderness of the remote Kamchatka Peninsula.

Valley of Geysers in Russia's Far East was discovered only recently, in 1941Photo credit: Martin Klimenta

Valley of the Geysers in Russia’s Far East was not discovered until 1941
Photo credit: Martin Klimenta

Banishing “Impossible”So often we’ve heard “That can’t be done,” or “Are you crazy? You can’t go there!” At MIR, our early beginnings in an icy 1980s Cold War means we don’t take “no” for an answer. We don’t accept that “never” is “forever.” Most recently, Iran was a place deleted from travelers’ bucket lists as “impossible,” and yet we’ve been going there for years.

It’s so appropriate to announce our brand-new tours on our brand-new MIR web site, along with other new, exciting tours for 2014. Here you’ll find everything you need to explore our vast offerings in 35 countries, choose your destinations, and book your MIR travel tours.

Changing TimesThe world is ever-changing
. It’s far from the familiar. And we like it that way.

(Feature photo credit: Douglas Grimes) 

PUBLISHED: June 16, 2014

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