Kaliningrad & The Baltics

This overland journey roves the countryside and urban centers of four distinct nations:  the three independent Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – and Kaliningrad, an exclave of Russia.  Together they form a mosaic of countries ruled over in early years by the traders of the Hanseatic League, and later occupied by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II. Read More

Essential Balkans

Explore seven Balkan countries on this compact overland journey through history. Visit the capitals, the countryside, and the competing cultures of the Balkan Peninsula. This circular driving itinerary begins and ends in lovely Dubrovnik. In between, survey the capitals and classic sites of the meeting point of ancient Greece and Rome, Christianity and Islam.Read More

Essential Baltics

Take an overland survey of the Baltic capitals, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, exploring their UNESCO-listed Old Towns, featuring cobbled streets and red-tiled roofs. Visit important rural sites like Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses and Latvia’s baroque Rundale Castle. Read More

Balkan Odyssey: Crossroads of Cultures

From low-lying Belgrade up through the Dinaric Alps, down to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and back up to mountainous North Macedonia, this overland journey ties together seven of the wildly divergent Balkan countries. Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox, politically contradictory, ethnically varied, this kaleidoscopic region offers an apprenticeship in diversity. Read More