Bill Altaffer and Expedition Photo Travel present: Western Russia from the Arctic to the Southern Steppe

Join Bill Altaffer, one of the world's most traveled people, in this exceptional itinerary explores three distinct regions of Russia, all of them within one time zone in a country that covers 11 time zones from tip to tail. Beginning in the imperial capital of St. Petersburg, head north almost to the Arctic Circle, to Solovetsky Island, the first camp of what Alexander Solzhenitsyn referred to as The Gulag Archipelago. Read More

Bill Altaffer and Expedition Photo Travel present: Finland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

 Join Bill Altaffer, one of the world’s most traveled people, in an exploration of the compact countries of the Baltic Coast, a maritime region of Northern Europe that few Americans have discovered. Begin in Helsinki and continue to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through a patchwork of field and forest. Discover six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including medieval Old Towns, a sea fortress and a 5,000-year-old strip of sandy dunes.Trip currently not available. Call for more information.Read More