MIR Spotlight: Anvar Nasimov

MIR Spotlight: Anvar Nasimov

Anvar Nasimov was born and raised in one of the most fascinating places on the planet: Samarkand, Uzbekistan, heart of the Silk Road. As a Tour Manager, Anvar offers his perspective on his country, and the satisfaction he feels in showing MIR travelers the beauty and history of his beloved homeland.

Learning LanguagesHELEN: It’s always fun to learn about a person by discovering how many languages they speak. How about you?

ANVAR: I was born in Samarkand, a place that is naturally multilingual. I speak Uzbek, Tajik (a distant dialect of Farsi) and Russian. I also studied linguistics and English at Samarkand State University.

Russian comes in handy in Anvar's work and travels, here at Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square<br>Photo credit: Anvar Nasimov

Russian comes in handy in Anvar’s work and travels, here at Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square
Photo credit: Anvar Nasimov

Why Travel?HELEN: What is it about travel that you love so much it’s now your profession?

ANVAR: Only traveling gives you the chance to learn about places – not just in books or in the movies, but for real. I also enjoy meeting locals where they live and go about their daily lives. That way you can learn the real truth about these places, talking with locals and seeing them in action.

Since I began leading trips for MIR 10 years ago, I’ve led tours in many places, including MIR’s Journey Through Central Asia: the Five ‘Stans; Central Asian tours in the Xinjang province of ChinaMongolia, and the Trans-Siberian Railway by private train.

Anvar and MIR travelers enjoy a sunny picnic in the Gobi Desert <br>Photo credit: Anvar Nasimov

Anvar and MIR travelers enjoy a sunny picnic in the Gobi Desert
Photo credit: Anvar Nasimov

Riding ponies in Mongolia is a familiar experience for Anvar Nasimov <br>Photo credit: Anvar Nasimov

Riding ponies in Mongolia is a familiar experience for Anvar Nasimov
Photo credit: Anvar Nasimov

What Others SayHELEN: What do other people say about you – your personality, or love for travel, or something goofy?

ANVAR: I am modest! I’ll just quote what two MIR clients said about their Silk Road journey through Uzbekistan with me.

“Thank you for making our trip a really special one. When something goes so smoothly, it’s not just luck. It’s a lot of hard work and attention to detail that makes it look easy. We very much appreciate your effort.”

OK, that’s enough compliments!

Travel LessonsHELEN: What has travel taught you?

ANVAR: I get to watch travelers change their attitudes: attitudes about the countries they are visiting, and attitudes about the people they are meeting along the way. We all have stereotypes, and traveling helps us put things into reality – like people, culture, and history. Traveling also helps us to learn to have respect.

Final ThoughtsHELEN: Is there anything else you want to add?

ANVAR: It’s a great opportunity that MIR gives me to travel and to meet so many different people on the tours. Almost every trip I learn something from travelers.

I also think that when groups of travelers are together on a tour, I have a chance to learn something new from them. So we are all learning from one another.

Traveling is continuous self-education.

Travel to Central Asia with MIRIf you enjoy far-away places, consider travel to Central Asia on MIR’s scheduled tours, taking in the Silk Road places Anvar Nasimov knew and loved early on in life. You can also book a custom private journey.

(Top photo credit: MIR Corporation – Anvar Nasimov at Samarkand’s Registan)

PUBLISHED: October 8, 2014

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