MIR Uzbekistan Tour Lauded in National Geographic Traveler

MIR Uzbekistan Tour Lauded in National Geographic Traveler

In a roundup of 20 Asian tours (including one of MIR’s) that “uncover hidden depths,” Norie Quintos writes in a National Geographic Traveler article called “Dive into Asia,”

“To unlock the secrets of a faraway place, it helps to have an expert guide by your side. For more than 10 years, Traveler has tracked top outfitters and tour companies that illuminate the world. What differentiates the very best trips? Small groups, knowledgeable guides, a well-curated itinerary, a sensible pace, and sustainable practices (read more).”

Among her collection of “very best trips,” she gives a full page to MIR’s Backstreets & Bazaars of Uzbekistan.

“From off-roading on red desert sands,
 to dancing amid the pastel pinks and yellows of a seasonal festival, to sifting through bright violet and lime textiles in the markets, this itinerary displays the whole spectrum of local color (read more).”

Her article was reprinted in the msn.com lifestyle section, entitled “19 Must-Take Tours Throughout Asia.” The popular MIR tour is listed at #10.

Navruz festivities, Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Photo: Abdu Samadov

Dancing is a huge part of the Navruz festivities
Photo: Abdu Samadov

Travel the Backstreets & Bazaars of Uzbekistan

On MIR’s Backstreets & Bazaars of Uzbekistan small group tour, taste your way through Uzbekistan, the vibrant heart of the Silk Road, during the height of the Uzbek New Year, Navruz. Explore the exciting culinary tastes and ancient architecture of three of the most celebrated Silk Road oases – Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand – along with the modern capital of Tashkent. Celebrate Navruz with the locals as they welcome you into their homes and communities, and discover the enduring traditions and abundant hospitality essential to everyday Uzbek culture.

A Cultural & Culinary Navruz AdventureHere are some more articles about experiences you might have and places you will see on MIR’s Backstreets & Bazaars of Uzbekistan small group tour:

Shah-I-Zinda Complex, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Photo: Bill Fletcher

The Shah-i-Zinda, or “place of a living king,” is a stunning avenue of mausoleums containing the tombs of Samarkand’s royal elite
Photo credit: Bill Fletcher

Why Travel to Uzbekistan with MIR?

MIR has more than 30 years of travel experience in Central Asia and has an affiliate office in Uzbekistan, with a roster of contacts that can take you to places that you didn’t even know you wanted to go. Our full service, dedication, commitment to quality, and destination expertise have twice earned us a place on National Geographic Adventure’s list of Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth.”

MIR also specializes in personalized, private journeys, and we’d love to take your ideas and weave them into a trip tailored especially for you. Travel wherever, however, and with whomever you like, relying on our expert assistance. Contact us to find out more about our custom and private travel expertise – each trip handcrafted to your interests, dates and pace.

Chat with a MIR destination specialist about travel to Uzbekistan by phone (1-800-424-7289) or email today. 

Top photo: Khiva’s winding streets and mud-brick architecture are tinged with the colors of the old Silk Road. Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

PUBLISHED: July 27, 2018

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  • Richard Murphy

    Congrats MIR for your recognition in National Geographic. I have traveled the Silk Road with MIR and can attest to their expertise and wonderful logistics! Murph