MIR’s Catalog Receives Magellan Award from Travel Weekly

MIR’s Catalog Receives Magellan Award from Travel Weekly

magellan-silverstat_store_sm-2015For the fifth year in a row, Travel Weekly magazine, a trusted resource in the travel industry, has tapped MIR to receive one of its Magellan Awards for excellence.

Our 2015 catalog, just about to become obsolete with the printing of our 2016 edition, has received a Silver Magellan Award, chosen from hundreds of entries from top travel organizations and professionals worldwide, for outstanding catalog design. We won our first Magellan Award, a Gold, for the 2011 catalog, and have received one each year since. In addition to an award every year for our catalog design, last year we also won the Gold Magellan Award for our new website, which launched in 2014.

Aside from awards for our website and catalog, since 2006 we’ve had six MIR small group tours picked by National Geographic Traveler as “Tours of a Lifetime.” They are

These tours have been judged among the coolest on the planet, and only 50 of them are tagged each year. We feel like we are in good company.

We’re honored and proud to be acknowledged in this way by the travel industry. Onward to 2016!

(Top photo:  Shiraz is the favorite of many travelers. Photo credit: Peter Guttman)

PUBLISHED: September 23, 2015

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