MIR’s Most Adventurous Road Trip Has Just Become More Comfortable

MIR’s Most Adventurous Road Trip Has Just Become More Comfortable

The Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan are some of the most rugged and beautiful on Earth, soaring upward where the Himalayas, the Tien Shan and the Hindu Kush meet. Our adventurous journey over the Pamir Highway is a breathtaking route, in use since the time of the Silk Road. And now it is significantly more comfortable, as well.

Improved AccommodationsMIR has recently secured bookings at several new hotels along the route. All the new hotels are much better than the ones that were previously available and scheduled to be used on the small group tour, The Pamir Highway & Across Fabled Frontiers.

This means that instead of spending 9 of the 17 tour nights in shared accommodations with shared facilities, travelers on the Pamir Highway journey will now only need to spend 5 nights in shared rooms. We can guarantee private accommodations, and bathrooms, for the remaining 12 nights.

These changes should make this very off-the-beaten-path adventure quite a bit more enjoyable!

While the upgrade doesn’t eliminate any rough roads, long days, or the unpredictable nature of a remote adventure like this, it does offer more comfort and privacy at the end of an exciting day.

A Bactrian camel across the river in Afghanistan. Photo credit: Jake Smith

A Bactrian camel across the river in Afghanistan, seen from the Pamir Highway
Photo credit: Jake Smith

Travel the Pamir Highway with MIRThe 2015 departure of our Pamir Highway & Across Fabled Frontiers small group tour departs July 20-August 6. Contact us today to secure your spot on “The Silk Road Less Traveled” as it caravans from Kyrgyzstan, through Western China to Tajikistan.

MIR has more than 25 years travel expertise in coordinating travel along the Silk Road and the Pamir Highway through Tajikistan. Connect with our Private Journeys department to discuss the possibilities of a custom private tour, hand-crafted to your tastes, interests and pace.

(Top photo: A jeep ascending the Khargush Pass along the Pamir Highway, Tajikistan. Photo credit: Jake Smith)

PUBLISHED: March 19, 2015

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