New for 2015: Legendary Turkey & Persia, between Istanbul and Isfahan, by Private Train

New for 2015: Legendary Turkey & Persia, between Istanbul and Isfahan, by Private Train

Hear the legends, admire the architecture, and explore the natural wonders of Turkey and Iran from your moveable home base aboard a private train on an exciting new rail journey.

On the new-for-2015 Legendary Turkey & Persia by Private Train rail journey between Istanbul and Isfahan, travelers are chauffeured by train easily and efficiently from one fabulous site to the next across these two historic countries.

 Ride the RailsThe Legendary Turkey & Persia by Private Train rail journey between Istanbul and Isfahan visits a total of 10 important UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most stellar highlights to be found between Istanbul, Turkey and Isfahan, Iran.

Our Director of Custom Group Tours, Dmitry Rudich, recently returned from traveling on this private rail journey and was particularly impressed with the fantastic route, and stops that included “…peaceful Akhtamar Island surrounded by the blue waters of Lake Van, and the incredible natural landscape of Cappadocia.”

MIR’s Director of Air Travel and Logistics, Jered Gorman, also traveled on the private train and said, “In between Iran and Turkey’s busiest cities and their most magnificent sights, the train provides a comforting sense of home-on-the-go as the panorama of landscapes unfolds.”

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Turkish DelightsThis rail journey by private train is offered both eastbound (Istanbul-Isfahan) and westbound. Traveling eastbound, travelers will

  • Explore Istanbul’s well-preserved past with visits to Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar.
  • Ride into the heart of Turkey to Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys, otherworldly tuff and basalt rock formations, cave homes and 7-story-deep underground churches carved into the rock.
  • Stand in awe at Nemrut Dağ, with its massive stone heads, constructed in the 1st century BC, keeping watch over the shimmering river below.
  • Ferry over Lake Van to Akhtamar Island with its small yet hugely significant Armenian church.

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Iran’s Abundant TreasuresOnce in Iran, sights of ancient Persia along this rail journey by private train route range from fascinating archaeological sites to cool green gardens, bazaars and historic palaces:

  • Admire the glowing turquoise dome of UNESCO-listed Soltaniyeh Mausoleum near Zanjan.
  • Investigate the intriguing Fire Temple in Yazd, a Zoroastrian stronghold in the Persian desert.
  • Stroll through Isfahan’s graceful Imam Square, one of the largest urban squares in the world, lined with handsomely-ornamented mosques.
  • Feel the presence of the ancients as you wander the immense archaeological sites of Pasargadae and Persepolis.
  • Soothe your spirit in Shiraz’ cool green Persian garden, one of three UNESCO-listed classical Persian gardens on this rail journey
  • Discover UNESCO-listed Golestan Palace, guarding the Marble Throne – created from 65 pieces of yellow Yazd marble – in Iran’s capital, Tehran.

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Aboard the Private TrainRide in air-conditioned comfort aboard a private train with modern train cars built in Turkey, interspersed with overnights in four and five star hotels along the route. There’s an onboard restaurant that doubles as a bar/lounge ­– great for conversation and mingling.

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Travel with MIR to Turkey and IranJoin MIR on this imaginative train tour to the 1,001 wonders, beauties and legends of Turkey and Iran aboard a private train:

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You can also book a custom private journey, with travel dates and itineraries that work best for you.

Riding the Arabian Nights train between Iran and Turkey

Riding the private train between Istanbul and Isfahan

(Top photo: Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque)

PUBLISHED: October 22, 2014

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