MIR News and Views: January 16, 2009

  Were 2009 travel goals included in your New Year’s resolutions this year? Resolutions can be hard to keep, but with a huge variety of travel plans for every budget and travel style, MIR makes it easy to keep promises like this:  In 2009, I resolve to spend more time with friends and family exploring at least one of the fascinating destinations I’ve always dreamed about.  Like… UlaanBaatar, Mongolia for the fabulous Naadam Festival Vilnius, Lithuania during its year as a European Capital of Culture Bukhara, Uzbekistan for its exotic bazaars and rich history Siberia’s UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest freshwater lake 2009 is the year to take advantage of favorable exchange rates and flexible travel options, including MIR’s new series of Flexible Essential Trips – our itinerary, your dates – starting at $2,495. Festival Time in Mongolia The Naadam Festival originated many centuries ago, but in the 20th century this celebration of theaaaRead More

MIR News and Views: February 20, 2009

Russia, the biggest country in the world, offers an abundance of cultural treasures, a richness of detail and a largeness of spirit that can make a devotee out of even a seasoned traveler.  Explore the distinctive realm of Western Russia, the region that includes Moscow, St. Petersburgand the Golden Ring, whose iconic onion-domed churches, kremlin fortresses, world-renowned museums and lavish palaces dazzle and delight.  From its Czarist past – described by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky and set to music by Tchaikovsky – to its present-day political intrigue, Western Russia is complex and immensely rewarding. “Have and will continue to recommend MIR to those interested in traveling to Russia and the former Soviet states.  MIR always does a superb job.  Tours are well organized and conducted by very knowledgeable guides.” – D. O’Hare, North Syracuse, NY And now there are three more great reasons to travel with MIR to Western Russia: NEW Essential Russia Trip andaaaRead More

MIR News and Views: March 5, 2009

The Trans-Siberian Railway experience is just a click away Laying out all the Trans-Siberian options available through MIR, this downloadable brochure makes it simple for you to decide exactly how, when, where and why to ride the legendary line.  Creatively connecting travelers and trains, MIR does the Trans-Siberian best. “Every day was a surprise, it was nothing at all like I expected.  The food, the people, the scenery I was just constantly amazed by it all. We met the nicest people on the train and learned so much.  I really liked all the extra things that were done to enrich our experiences at each stop. I loved every minute!“ – S. Hughes, Brampton, Ontario, Canada       Journey into the past including BONUS fourth night in UlaanBaatar Board the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express luxury private train barreling its way from the Moscow Kremlin to the Siberiantaiga and the Mongolian steppe.  Enjoy an extra night in Mongolia’s capital city,aaaRead More

MIR News and Views: July 2009

      In this issue…  Kyrgyzstan Claims First UNESCO World Heritage Site Armenian Visa Fees Slashed Best Road Trip in Central Asia: The Pamir Highway & Across Fabled Frontiers: The Silk Road Less Traveled from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan Mark the winter season with Russian flair by horsedrawn sleigh or private train   Best Road Trip in Central Asia The Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan are some of the most rugged and beautiful on Earth. MIR’s new adventurous tour, The Pamir Highway & Across Fabled Frontiers, takes a breathtaking high-altitude route that has been in use since the time of the Silk Road. The road climbs over a 14,000-foot pass and follows the Panj River along the Afghan border where, just beyond the rushing stream, Afghan villagers herd their goats and work their fields. The Pamir Highway &    Across Fabled Frontiers:    The Silk Road Less     Traveled from Kyrgyzstan    to Tajikistan     2010: Aug 2-19Other recommended road trips include: Travel the Georgian Military    Highway on MIR’s     Treasures ofaaaRead More

MIR News and Views: September 2009

  In this issue…  Celebrate New Year’s in St. Petersburg, Russia:  Attend the Czar’s Ball in Catherine’s Palace or dine in a private Russian home.Try something new and different this holiday season with a visit to Zhivago’s Russia!  New Year’s celebrations, world-class museums, traditional sleigh rides! Venture across Russia on a deluxe Trans-Siberian winter rail journey accompanied by BBC World Affairs Editor, John Simpson.*Featured stop: frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia where you can experience traditional winter activities:  snowmobiling, a dog troika ride, or under-ice fishing!*John Simpson travels on the Eastbound trip February 7-20, 2010. Special offer available on  the reverse direction westbound rail journey. Design your own Russian Winter Experience with the help of MIR travel experts Interested in traveling privately?  Check out MIR’s Flexible Essential Private Trips, or contact us to design a custom journey just for you! The Czar’s Ball at Catherine’s Palace Celebrate the New Year in Imperial Russian style at a grand gala held insideaaaRead More

MIR News and Views: December 2009

  In this issue…  New Departure of MIR’s Small Group Tour “Journey Through Central Asia: The Five ‘Stans” added for 2010 NYU highlights “Lost World of Old Europe” with artifacts from Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania  The Best Place to Taste Wine: Georgia Catch the Holiday Season Savings at MIR – Book a MIR Small Group Tour or Rail Journey Before December 31 and Save up to $800 Extreme Trans-Siberian Railroad Winter Wonder Land Savings – One Time Only! The Best Place to Taste Wine: Georgia Georgians were originally sun worshippers and believed that the sun’s chosen plant was the grape vine.  The winding characters of the Georgian alphabet resemble the trailing growth of the vine, and this motif is found in Georgian architecture throughout the country.  Georgia’s Kakheti region is its most important wine-growing area, but the complex Georgian wines are served and celebrated all over the country.Tour Georgia withaaaRead More

MIR News and Views: February 2010

MIR News & Views: Russia Special Offers, the Russian Space Program, and Throat-Singing MIR Corporation Custom Trip Featured in Luxury Magazine, Caviar Affair Special Offers and Ideas for Private, Custom Travel to Russia Space Travel: As Close As It Gets Best Place to Hear Throat-Singing Ways to Travel the Silk Route in 2010 Read More