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Were 2009 travel goals included in your New Year’s resolutions this year? Resolutions can be hard to keep, but with a huge variety of travel plans for every budget and travel style, MIR makes it easy to keep promises like this: 

In 2009, I resolve to spend more time with friends and family exploring at least one of the fascinating destinations I’ve always dreamed about.  Like…
2009 is the year to take advantage of favorable exchange rates and flexible travel options, including MIR’s new series of Flexible Essential Trips – our itinerary, your dates – starting at $2,495.

The Naadam Festival originated many centuries ago, but in the 20th century this celebration of the nomad’s courage, strength, dexterity and marksmanship now commemorates the anniversary of Mongolia’s independence from China.

Travelers to UlaanBaatar join local people to cheer on the horses with their school-age riders, admire the stately wrestlers in their eagle costumes, and marvel at the long bows. More…

MIR’s Naadam Tours:
Chosen as one of 2009’s two European Capitals of Culture,Vilnius will be hosting over 300 cultural, artistic and social programs and projects throughout the year. 

Vilnius’ UNESCO-listed Old Town will overflow with musical performances (one honors Vilnius-born violinist Jascha Heifetz), art exhibits and festivals as it simultaneously celebrates a millennium since the first written mention of Lithuania’s name in the 11th century.  More…

MIR’s Tours to Vilnius:
The great Silk Road stretched from Xi’an in the East all the way to the Mediterranean Sea in the West with Uzbekistan at the heart of it.

The Old Towns of its three UNESCO-listed oasis cities -mud-brick Khiva, blue-domed Bukhara and Tamerlane’s fabled capital,Samarkand- are mazes of exotic architecture and extravagant decorative art, evoking images of ancient traders arriving from the desert with their heavily laden camels. More…

MIR’s Silk Road Tours:

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