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Best Road Trip in Central Asia
The Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan are some of the most rugged and beautiful on Earth. MIR’s new adventurous tour, The Pamir Highway & Across Fabled Frontiers, takes a breathtaking high-altitude route that has been in use since the time of the Silk Road. 

The road climbs over a 14,000-foot pass and follows the Panj River along the Afghan border where, just beyond the rushing stream, Afghan villagers herd their goats and work their fields.

2009: Oct 20-Nov 9
   2010: April 13-May 3, 
   May 11-31, Aug 24-Sept 13,
   Oct 12-Nov 1
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Frosty, Toasty and Bubbly this Winter Season

Enjoy an exhilarating horse-drawn sleigh ride, sip champagne by the fireside, or cozy up on a special Trans-Siberian Railway departure.

Kyrgyzstan Claims First UNESCO World Heritage Site
The sacred mountain commonly known as Suleiman’s Throne became Kyrgyzstan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in June of 2009.  Overlooking Osh, the country’s oldest city in the lush Fergana Valley, the site encompasses numerous ancient petroglyphs and pre-Islamic and Islamic places of worship, including Babur’s House, where the founder of India’s 14th century Mughul Dynasty is said to have prayed.  

Travelers on these MIR small group tours, which stop in Osh, have been appreciating this site for many years:


Armenian Visa Fees Slashed
The Armenian Tourism Development Agency has initiated efforts to make visas cheaper and easier to obtain.  Armenian consular fees a new visa category of 21-day stay for U.S. passport holders have been slashed, saving travelers $59 over previous visa fees. 

Armenia famously claims to be the first country to embrace Christianity as a state religion, and this record informs its history.  Powerful old churches, built of huge blocks of red or yellow stone are silhouetted on the hilltops or tucked away in the valleys.  Thousands of basalt khachkar crosses, lovingly carved and filigreed memorial stones dating from the 10th century onward, draw the eye towards the east. In Yerevan, a city older even than Rome, the rich repository of ancient written works, the Matenadaran, guards brilliant illuminated medieval manuscripts of the Gospels.

Visit the gorgeous Caucasus Mountain country of Armenia on these MIR tours:

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PUBLISHED: August 22, 2012

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