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Laying out all the Trans-Siberian options available through MIR, this downloadable brochure makes it simple for you to decide exactly how, when, where and why to ride the legendary line.  Creatively connecting travelers and trains, MIR does the Trans-Siberian best.

Every day was a surprise, it was nothing at all like I expected.  The food, the people, the scenery I was just constantly amazed by it all. We met the nicest people on the train and learned so much.  I really liked all the extra things that were done to enrich our experiences at each stop. I loved every minute!
– S. Hughes, Brampton, Ontario, Canada      

Board the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express luxury private train barreling its way from the Moscow Kremlin to the Siberiantaiga and the Mongolian steppe.  Enjoy an extra night in Mongolia’s capital city, UlaanBaatar, during the celebrated Naadam Festival, originating many centuries ago. 

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Roll along a railway that ties together two of the world’s largest countries, China and Russia, exploring five UNESCO World Heritage Sites from classic Beijing to magnificent Moscow.  The Tsar’s Goldprivate train carries you in comfort along the fabled track from the floodplains of China to the Russian taiga and beyond. 

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Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway and meet the locals

Venture forth on local trains over the Trans-Siberian route from the rolling steppe of Mongolia to Siberia’s UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal and on to booming Moscow.  Overnight in hotels, a Mongolian ger camp, a wooden Siberian lodge and in cozy sleepers aboard regularly-scheduled trains.

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PUBLISHED: August 22, 2012

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