How to Book Your Trip with MIR

Step 1

Decide on a Destination

Check these out:

Or email/call us at 800-424-7289 with your questions so we can help you choose the perfect tour.

Step 2

Check Availability

Contact us by phone or email and we will:

  • Confirm availability.
  • Answer any questions you have.
  • Discuss your trip plans in detail.

Step 3

Reserve Your Spot

Once you’ve selected your perfect trip and we’ve let you know there’s still room:

  • Secure your reservation with a non-refundable deposit.
  • Fill out and sign the required reservation form.

Step 4

Get Ready to Go!

Meet your dedicated Tour Specialist, who will be here to answer to any of your questions, from now until your departure and return.

Your confirmation packet completes the booking process, but your preparation phase has just begun!

Now comes the hardest part…
counting down the days until your trip begins.

Helpful Links:

Reservation Form

Traveler Information and Terms & Conditions