Add some BAM to Your Bucket List

Add some BAM to Your Bucket List

Though it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, the rarely traveled BAM portion of the Trans-Siberian Railway offers untouched natural beauty and a unique set of experiences that intrepid travelers crave. DestinAsian Magazine, the leading luxury travel magazine for the Asia-Pacific region, affirmed that same sentiment recently when it included MIR’s Trans-Siberian BAM Explorer with Naadam Festival luxury rail journey in its round-up of “100 Essential Experiences in Asia-Pacific For Your Bucket List.”

Trans-Siberian Railway specialists MIR Corp have unveiled a unique 15-day itinerary along the seldom-traveled Baikal-Amur line. Departing June 29, the train journey will take passengers from Vladivostok to Lake Baikal before turning southward to reach Ulaanbaatar in time for Naadam, Mongolia’s festival of the “three manly sports.”

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PUBLISHED: February 22, 2018

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