Baikal Ballyhoo

Baikal Ballyhoo

A feature in the about appealing lakes centers on Siberia’s UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal, where a traveler can play in the snow, on the ice and around the islands on a winter adventure. The article tells about “eight days’ worth of adventures and visits to must-see sites around the lake in a MIR tour package called Siberian Winter Escapade.”

The tour begins in the old trading city of Irkutsk, once known as “The Paris of Siberia.”

“Irkutsk is a fun city with beautiful rebuilt churches and areas of grand 19th century architecture,” says MIR founder Douglas Grimes. Traders, he notes, once carried Siberian furs and ivory from Irkutsk to Mongolia, Tibet and China to exchange for silk and tea.

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PUBLISHED: November 26, 2013