Bishkek to Bukhara Barnstorm Highlighted on

Bishkek to Bukhara Barnstorm Highlighted on

The ancient Silk Route and MIR are featured together in a recent edition of, an on-line source of 21st century information and ideas. The author writes:

It ran for 4,000 miles through Eurasia, crisscrossing white-hot deserts, towering mountains and flatlands so desolate you could go weeks without seeing another human being, much less a hut, tent or yurt. It was called “the Silk Road,” and for 1,600 years it was the main trading route between East and West, linking Constantinople (now Istanbul) to Southern China.

Among popular tours this year will be MIR Corporation’s two 17-day expeditions tracing routes though the heart of the Silk Road…

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PUBLISHED: March 5, 2014

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