“Glorious Russia” with MIR

“Glorious Russia” with MIR

Dalma Heyn, a regular contributor to Everett Potter’s Travel Report, a hip weekly news blog for smart value travelers, has written a glowing description of touring in Moscow and St. Petersburg complete with fantastic photos. She talks about how she used the Independent Travel specialists at MIR to help her find her way around.

“In both cities, you need, not want, someone who helps you beat the crowds so you can see works of art before (or after) the tour buses land; someone who can whisk you to the rooms in the Hermitage you most want to see… I cannot emphasize this enough. Lots can go wrong, and will, without savvy guides.”

Check out some of the things she learned and loved in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the Everett Potter’s Travel Report. 

(Top photo credit: Kelly Tissier)



PUBLISHED: September 5, 2013

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