Houston, We Have a Tour for You

Houston, We Have a Tour for You

Houston Style Magazine wants its readers to know about winter fun far from the great state of Texas. In an article about MIR Corporation’s small group tour, Siberian Winter Escapade, the magazine quotes MIR’s founder, Douglas Grimes.

“Running dogsleds, riding snowmobiles, fishing through the ice, and steaming in a traditional Russian banya on Lake Baikal make up an epic experience,” said MIR Corporation founder Douglas Grimes. Siberia’s Irkutsk is “…a fun city with beautiful rebuilt churches and areas of grand 19th-century architecture. Irkutsk dispatched Siberian furs and ivory to Mongolia, Tibet and China in exchange for silk and tea.”

Read the full article on the Houston Style Magazine website.

PUBLISHED: August 24, 2015

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