MIR Corporation Featured in Luxury Magazine, Caviar Affair

MIR Corporation Featured in Luxury Magazine, Caviar Affair

When Caviar Affair – a glossy quarterly magazine self-described as “celebrating worldly indulgences and luxury living” – began looking for a company to custom-design a lavish tour to Russia and Ukraine, they searched until they found MIR Corporation. The magazine’s criteria: “We search out the impeccably designed, the obsessively well-fashioned, and the startlingly beautiful.” MIR’s specially crafted luxury tour fit the bill, as featured in the Winter 2010 issue of Caviar Affair

Among other opulent adventures, MIR arranged an exclusive tour of the Kremlin’s Diamond Fund, where the travelers inspected the brilliant 189-carat Orlov Diamond; a private boat tour of St. Petersburg’s canals, complete with onboard vodka and caviar; and a distinctive outing by horse-drawn carriage around Pavlovsk Park – the gardens surrounding Czar Paul’s summer palace, presented to him by his mother, Catherine the Great. 

The authors say, “Today, now that we’re back in the U.S., we credit our incredible experience to the people who led us. Perhaps MIR stands for ‘make it remarkable.'”

Download the Caviar Affair article (880 KB).

(Top photo credit:  Helge Pedersen)

PUBLISHED: December 20, 2010