MIR’s Arctic Adventure Comes Highly Recommended

MIR’s Arctic Adventure Comes Highly Recommended

Recommend, one of the most trusted resources for travel agents and a leader in the travel trade marketplace for over 50 years, included MIR’s Special Journey to Remote Franz Josef Land in its round-up of new cruises for adventurous travelers. MIR’s vice president, Annie Lucas, expressed her enthusiasm for this first-ever offering for MIR, stating, “We are very excited about this new expedition to one of the most remote and under-explored places on earth.”

With 24 hours of daylight to fuel their explorations, cruisers will be led by tour leader and award-winning travel writer Jill Worrall on a journey that will take them by sea kayak and on foot to discover the natural beauty and wildlife on several of the Franz Josef Land islands. Walruses, rare whale species and enormous colonies of nesting migratory seabirds are just a few of the animals that your clients can expect to encounter.

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PUBLISHED: October 4, 2017

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One thought on “MIR’s Arctic Adventure Comes Highly Recommended

  • Timothy C Easton

    The photo above includes a penguin. No penguins in the Arctic. Just sayin.