Rekindle Your Romance in St. Petersburg

Rekindle Your Romance in St. Petersburg

Struggle to come up with a perfect Valentine’s Day gift year after year? Treat your significant other to a romantic getaway for two, as The Active Times suggests. In a roundup of “6 Romantic Getaways for Lovers,” MIR’s Essential St. Petersburg private journey was featured alongside the Mukul Retreat in Nicaragua, Robinson Crusoe Island in Chile, and a bike tour across the Italian countryside.

Forget Paris or Rome. In St. Petersburg, Russia you and your lover can peruse Fabergé eggs, attend world-class ballet or opera performances on one of the most prestigious stages on the planet, stroll the halls of luxurious palaces of the czars, walk the broad streets with gorgeous 18th century buildings, and stand hand-in-hand before “The Dance,” a joyous painting by Henri Matisse.

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PUBLISHED: February 9, 2016

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