RM Magazine features MIR and World Race 2011

RM Magazine features MIR and World Race 2011

An article in the prestigious Canadian automotive culture magazine, RM, illustrates the U.S. leg of the MIR-supported road rally from New York to Paris (download the article here).

MIR Corporation handled the logistics from Tianjin, China all the way to Paris, where in July the surviving cars rolled to a halt in the shadow of Eiffel Tower, precisely where the original 1908 Great Race ended. 

The grueling 1908 New York to Paris Race proved to an unbelieving public that cars were indeed the wave of the future. In 2011, 12 adventuresome drivers started out in NYC to recreate the incredible journey. MIR founder and president Douglas Grimes joined in for parts of the journey. 

Read about their adventures across China, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and on into Paris at the official World Race 2011 website.

(Top photo credit: Jonathan Irish)

PUBLISHED: August 20, 2011