Set Your Sights on (Russian) Space

Set Your Sights on (Russian) Space

The Manual, a website designed to show today’s modern man “how to live a life that is more engaged,” recently featured MIR’s Inside the Russian Space Program in a round-up of “Bucket List Trips for Space and Astronomy Nerds.” The editors picked this one-of-a-kind small group tour not just because of MIR’s many years of Russia travel experience, but also because the tour brings travelers “as close as most mortal men can get to an actual, working space program.”

Visitors will witness first-hand the rollout of a Soyuz rocket and the entire pre-launch ceremony. Top officials from the Russian program, astronomy veterans, and family members of cosmonauts will be on-hand for interviews and pre-launch chats.

Read the full article on The Manual’s website.

PUBLISHED: July 31, 2017

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