Space: The First Balladeer

Space: The First Balladeer

Five Star Magazine, a stylish UK publication that reviews and promotes outstanding luxury hotels worldwide, features a big banner photo of MIR founder and president Douglas Grimes floating in Zero Gravity, in a story entitled “Wannabe Astronaut’s Dream.”

The article details MIR’s 2015 Inside the Russian Space Program tour, which culminates at Baikonur, the Russian space launch facility in Kazakhstan, for the live launch of a Soyuz spacecraft on its way to the International Space Station. This launch should be even more exciting than usual, however, because the plan calls for

…British pop singer Sarah Brightman to be among the astronauts. Sarah has been training for this experience since 2012 and will be the first professional musician to sing from space.
Brightman is a classical crossover soprano, whose most famous recording is likely her 1996 duet with Italian tenor Andre Bocelli, called “Time to Say Goodbye.”

Participants on the 2015 Inside the Russian Space Program will be there as she takes off – provided, of course, that she survives the rigorous training. MIR travelers can get a taste of the type of training she and other space travelers will undergo at Star City, outside of Moscow. This includes an optional Zero Gravity flight, demonstrated in the fabulous photos accompanying the Five Star Magazine article.

View the entire article on the Five Star Magazine website.

PUBLISHED: November 24, 2014

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