The Final Frontier(s)

The Final Frontier(s)

An article in the Wall Street Journal included Siberia in its roundup of unknown, uncharted destinations, touting MIR Corporation’s Douglas Grimes among its list of travel experts and guides specializing in off-the-grid tours. The article entitled “Your Guide to Risky Travel” explains why Siberia is such a worthwhile destination for any serious adventure junkie.

“Rich seams of Buddhism and shamanism still exist in the Siberian republic of Tuva—briefly a sovereign nation recognized by the Soviet Union. Grimes, a Russia specialist, excels here and in neighboring Buryatia, where he offers husky-sledding expeditions on a frozen Lake Baikal—the world’s oldest and deepest.”

Read the full article on the Wall Street Journal website.

PUBLISHED: December 9, 2015

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