The Inside Scoop on Inside the Russian Space Program

The Inside Scoop on Inside the Russian Space Program

Insider Travel Report, a travel industry website that offers “analysis of key issues affecting travel agents, better perspective on the industry, and more video content than any other website in the field,” recently wrote a feature piece on MIR’s out-of-this-world tour, Inside the Russian Space Program. Quoting MIR’s founder and president, Douglas Grimes, the article highlights some of the tour’s most unique and exclusive experiences:

“At Baikonur, the remote Russian launch facility on the Kazakh steppe, we will observe the early morning roll-out of the Soyuz Rocket and follow it to the launch pad site together with the press, military personnel, cosmonauts and their relatives,” said MIR Corporation President Douglas Grimes. Guests will get VIP seating at the crew press conference at the Cosmonaut Hotel and experience behind-the-scenes events, including the send-off of the space crew from the Cosmonaut Hotel, and the official Ready-To-Go Report.

Read the full article on the Insider Travel Report website.

PUBLISHED: August 23, 2018

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