Travel to “Edgy” Destinations

Travel to “Edgy” Destinations

Though we think of the little South Caucasus country of Armenia as a stable and peaceful destination, it’s included in a Travel Section roundup entitled “Former war zones turned into vacation paradises”. The author mentions the Armenian genocide of the early 20th century as evidence that Armenia was once a war zone.

With the help of the Seattle-based MIR Corporation, a travel company that focuses on cultural exchange tours (“mir” means peace and world in Russian), Armenia is becoming more attractive to U.S. travelers. The rugged, mountainous landscape affords unspoiled hiking and outdoor activities.

The article goes on to recommend MIR’s small group tour, Treasures of the South Caucasus, a journey that includes not only Armenia, but its neighbors, Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well.

Read the full article on the Fox News website.

PUBLISHED: August 24, 2015

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