Traveling Epicure

Traveling Epicure

The beautiful online magazine, Epicure & Culture, Food, Wine & Culture for the Ethical Traveler, was created with a goal of “…helping people explore the world through food, drink, people and culture.” This includes MIR’s part of the world:

In a recent article entitled, “Food Travel: Top 14 Culinary Experiences to Savor in 2014,” MIR’s new culinary tour of Russia, A Chronicle of Russian Cuisine & Culture is listed at #10.

Interestingly, the photo above the Russian culinary tour article comes from MIR’s other new culinary tour, A Taste of Georgia: Wine Cuisine & Culture, traversing the lush little South Caucasus country of Georgia.

Read the full article on the Epicure & Culture website.

PUBLISHED: March 5, 2014

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