Two MIR Corporation Tours Honored as "Tours of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Traveler

Two MIR Corporation Tours Honored as "Tours of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Traveler

Two of MIR’s core journeys, Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia and Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova have been spotlighted in National Geographic Traveler‘s October 2006 “Next Great Places” issue.

Honored as “Tours of a Lifetime” these two in-depth experiential journeys go to very different places, but both include MIR’s characteristic touch – diving into the cultures and meeting the people of our destinations.

Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia 
Silk, spices, tea, precious metals and jewels, carefully lashed to pack camels, made their way from one world to another along the old Silk Road. Travel back in time on our Chinese Turkestan & Central Asia Tour and follow in the footsteps of early explorers who plied the great trade routes connecting East and West. Limited to a maximum of 10 travelers, this Explorer Series trip is among our finest.

Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova 
Belarus is a country of factories, wooden houses and farmland where time slowed drastically after the devastation of WWII. Ukraine, the cradle of Slavic civilization, has glittering churches, imperial palaces, fertile farmland and the former Soviet Union’s prime real estate, the Crimean Peninsula on the sunny Black Sea. And little Moldova, part Romanian and part Russian, its green hills and plains stitched together with grape vines, is jostling for position in the European winemaking hierarchy.

Changing with every moment that goes by, these three countries should be visited now before the rest of the world discovers them. Join us on this Premier Series venture through Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova.

PUBLISHED: October 26, 2006